OnePlus 5 Official Image Released, There Is Also a Contest For Indian Fans

OnePlus 5, without any doubt, is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year and after the Chinese manufactured announced the launch dates (20 June Globally, 22 June India), they have now given an official sneak peek into the design of OnePlus 5.

For those who were waiting for their OnePlus 3T upgrade or an iPhone 7 as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 substitute with better value for money, the day is finally here and trust me on this, ‘You Won’t Be Disappointed With The Design Of OnePlus 5’ as this is exactly a substitute for more premium smartphones with even better specifications at offer, at least we expect this.

Going by the image, OnePlus 5 will clearly focus on the camera capabilities with a horizontal dual camera setup which is not at all bad because we have seen the same design in iPhone 7 which might cost almost double of what OnePlus 5 is expected to.

Only the rear side of OnePlus 5 is shown in the image, but that’s enough for us to notice a few relevant details of the smartphone. Apart from the horizontal dual-lens camera, the antenna lines also resemble the iPhone 7 Plus’ design and even the matte black color gives as a deja vu.

Copying Apple is neither entirely a bad thing nor it is the best thing to do. This same statement hints towards two segments of consumers in the market which consist of buyers looking for the exact replica of a premium smartphone and other who like their smartphone to have an identity of its own.

Check Out Detailed OnePlus 5 Specifications Here

However, as for this debate, Chinese manufacturers have always been about same designs but revolutionary specs that come on a budget and that is what OnePlus 5 is based on. It’s been 10 years since the introduction iPhones and it doesn’t really matter who copies Apple now? Even the US-based smartphone manufacturer stuck to the same design for three years.

It’s not like smartphone makers can create revolutionary concepts on a regular basis, but if you are not going to criticize Apple’s “boring” designs, then you should treat anyone copying it in the same manner as the latter is giving you the same premium design at a lower asking price.

Considering some of the almost certain specifications, OnePlus 5 will feature a 5.5-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 835, SoC, an 8GB RAM variant, dual-camera setup and Android 7.1 Nougat. If this is what the final product comes with and OnePlus manages to keep its next flagship under the Rs 35K-mark, OnePlus 5 will turn out to be a clear winner, by all means.

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Moreover, the tweet featuring OnePlus 5 also has a link to a landing page for the launch and OnePlus is giving out official invites for the Mumbai event for Rs 999 which will open from 12th June. users you sign will get a T-shirt, welcome pack worth Rs 10,000 which includes a travel backpack, sunglasses and a OnePlus voucher worth Rs 999 that will be credited to your OnePlus account.

The company is also hosting a contest through which you can win a OnePlus 5 phone. The company will ask registered users to send an SMS alert for the online launch event on June 20. You can register for the SMS alert anytime from today until June 20.

Five winners will get a OnePlus 5 smartphones and all names will be announced on 30 June via Facebook. To register for the contest, you will have to sign in to website with your either a OnePlus account or your Facebook or Gmail account.

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