There is nothing new in a smartphone battery exploding as we have heard and seen several incidents of the people having a close escape. However, while the whole story started with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it’s climax features another flagship smartphone, popularly known as iPhone.

Here is a public warning: Do Not Ever Try To Bite Your Smartphone Because It Can Lead To A Trip To An Operating Room For A Facial Surgery.

Why, you might ask. Because an iPhone user tried to bite his phone’s battery and the whole damn thing exploded in his face.

Yes, you read it right. A guy in China was at a store to replace its battery and in order to check its authenticity, he, for some reason, tried to bite it which might have led his smartphone to feel exploited, so it self-destructed.

Video of this bizarre incident which was recorded in the store’s CCTV camera and was shared on a Chinese video sharing portal on Jan. 20. It has since been viewed more than 4.50 million times, for obvious reasons.

Watch the video here.

While several outlets have reported the incident, all of them have assured that the man somehow escaped without any injury, but what about those burned eyebrows? That said, we have no idea whether the battery was genuine or not, but you’re just not supposed to bite any lithium-ion battery, in the very first place.

As reported by Taiwan News, the bite caused a “catastrophic rupture” into the battery’s casing, which led to a fireball that engulfed not only the owner of the iPhone but several other people standing around him.

As for Apple Inc, due to recent controversies regarding battery explosion and how the company handles battery replacements, the tech giant is planning to slash battery replacement cost to $29 from $79.

Everything said and done, since there is a hoard of fake batteries in the market, the man in this video was right on his part to check the authenticity, but he should’ve come up with a better idea.

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