Google Chrome has won the race of being the most popular web browser finally. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was ruling the position till now and it has been the most used browser for a long time. But since the Google launched their browser Chrome in 2008, the iron grip of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer began to slip. One usage tracker announced that the Chrome is the new champion in browsers but some others still had Internet Explorer in the lead. Finally, all the holdouts are in mutual agreement that Chrome is the new king.

Google Chrome
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In March 2016, a detailed report was released by Computerworld which stated that by the start of this May, Google Chrome will be the undisputed champion and Vola! Chrome hit the mark. Microsoft has long referenced NetMarketShare as the most accurate source for measuring which browser reigns supreme and now it says that Chrome is the winner. The Chrome controls 41.66 percent of the market solely.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s new Edge browser collectively controls 41.35 percent of the market.

Google Chrome is unlikely to give up the winning position as Google had already planned to introduce a new Chrome design. The new design is made even more touch friendly which will allure users to work on it.

Chrome focuses on staying number one. Victory Triumph!!

3 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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