It appears that the 2020 US Grand Prix may not happen after all? Surprised? Saddened? Upset? What are the other adjectives that define this piece of news at this point in time? Apparently, it suffices to state that given that a cloud of doubt has emerged over the fate of the 2020 US Grand Prix- the feeling among the fans and the larger racing fraternity- is one that doesn’t cut a promising picture.

In fact, what else can one expect really? In a season where there hasn’t been a single race up to this point, the piece of news suggesting that another race stands in the line of cancellation in the times ahead is anything but inspiring or positive.

Right? The US Grand Prix, it ought to be said, is without a doubt, one of the most exciting and widely-followed Grand Prix events of the yearly roaster. In the heartland of America, to see 10 teams and their 20 drivers engage in a slugfest of speed, puts forth a special feeling altogether.

Isn’t it?

But unfortunately, it appears that given the current health concerns in lines with the COVID-19 epidemic have cast a trace of doubt over the forthcoming racing contest.

In fact, the US Grand Prix is no ordinary contest. It’s the lair of Lewis Hamilton, a track where the grand British driver has aced the 56-lap contest time and again, to prove his authority.

This is also a track where many have waned out trying in a bid to off-set Hamilton from a very dominant circuit, with the possible exceptions being former Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen (in 2018) before yet again another Mercedes dominated the heartland of the cowboys.

2019’s US Grand Prix saw the success of Mercedes’ current Finnish talent Valtteri Bottas who finally found a way to stick his nose out in the front of the other strong force on the grid: the rival Silver Arrows piloted by Lewis Hamilton.

That being told, a lot was expected of the 2020 US Grand Prix. Was this going to be yet another belter of the contest which Hamilton would’ve captured given customary might? That pretty much may still be the case provided the race goes underway at the famous COTA (Circuit of the Americas) at the 308.4-kilometre long track.

But before that, this is what’s making the loud noise of discontent:

In the words of Dr. Mark Escott, who happens to be the health authority for Austin Public Health:

The large events are the first thing that we turned off and are going to be the last thing we’re going to turn back on because of that risk of exposing lots of people to one another, particularly individuals of the same household!”

And that’s not all. He would further add, ”

I think that’s incentive for us to work hard at that social distancing, work hard at ensuring that people who are sick stay home and if they’re staying home, they’re directed to testing, so that we can get a handle on this.

“We really all as a community have to be focused on the goal of ensuring, number one, that things stay open and, number two, that we get ourselves in a situation which will allow us to open the window even more in the future, particularly in the fall.”

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In fact, where the 2020 US Grand Prix is concerned, one might have expected one among the Ferrari cars to dominate the famous American circuit. What about a Leclerc win at America? Will that even be a possibility!

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