The F1 season just hasn’t gotten underway this year. A lot was expected. But little came to surface in reality. Where 2020 stands then this is one of the most disappointing seasons ever in the history of the famous sport. That being said, it finally appears that the long wait is over and that we may soon see Grand Prix racing begin. So what’s the plan regarding F1 in 2020 season?

Apparently, we may be heading toward an early July start. Where news reports stand at the moment, then the general feeling is that we may finally see a live race come July 5. And that’s pretty much the biggest piece of news regarding F1 in 2020.

But that being said, there’s more excitement on the cards. The maiden race of this year is slated to be held at the home Grand Prix event of Red Bull: the Austrian Grand Prix, in Spielberg.

That being said, one simply cannot wait to see amazing action unfold between the 10 teams, and hence 20 drivers. Last year, it was pretty much an out-and-out Red Bull versus Ferrari battle with Max Verstappen driving home his team’s maiden victory at its home event.

The contest that saw both drivers race on the limit, often outpacing one another to lift the level of the overall competition would eventually go Max Verstappen’s way. That said, spare a thought for Charles Leclerc, who didn’t seem to be contesting in the fastest machine on the grid.

It was such a fabulous moment. Though, a thing that cut a dark figure was the absence of the departed Niki Lauda, who at that point of time, was battling from a kidney ailment.

Nevertheless, implicit in the plan ahead for F1 in 2020 is also the scheme of events and how they are slated to unfold. Apparently, we are in midst of an 8-race season.

That’s right! And make no mistake.

We may only see 8 races. Yet, it mustn’t be forgotten that in a year that’s mostly been about despair and economic recession all thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, even a limited bandwidth of races seems an interesting proposition?

Isn’t it? Meanwhile, here’s what the famous British publication The Guardian had to report on the developing story:

The plan – drawn up by the sport’s owner, Liberty Media – is likely to be announced next week, although with the caveat that a second coronavirus wave in the UK could wipe out any chance of racing taking place across the continent.

Liberty’s blueprint would involve a 5 July start for the 2020 season, with two Grands Prix in Austria, followed by another two at Silverstone, and then one in Budapest. Hockenheim or Barcelona would then open a triple-header with Spa and Monza to follow running from August into September. There are no plans for a return of the Dutch GP.

That being said, here’s what another F1 connected source had to offer on the important story:

Should coronavirus reassert itself in the UK and lockdown be reimposed, the season in Europe would be over before it has begun, given that seven of F1’s 10 teams are based in the UK and would therefore be unable to operate.

At the end of the day, racing in whatever way it unfolds will have to happen with a lot of thought given to driver safety. So are spectator-less events on the cards?

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