“If at all, he is going to stay in the sport, with which team is he going to continue?” “Is there any certainty whether he might actually continue at the pinnacle of racing anymore?” “What’s next for the four-time world champion?”

“Where to next, Seb!?”

If you were a fan and these were the questions starting June-end and July-beginning, then surely, the subject matter was a certain Sebastian Vettel and where might he head in the near future in Formula 1?

But today, at this point in time, the most important question in the tectonic world of Formula 1 racing is this:

“Have Aston Martin and Vettel already inked a deal, if yes, then when are we going to hear about it?”

Has the deal with Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin already been inked
Source: planetf1.com

Perhaps this is true. Perhaps it’s happened in a typical hush-hush way for quiet are the ways of the sport we so love. If not, then this could well be the reality in the days to come, as suggested by the latest paddock grapevine.

Because where the rumours point, then it seems that in the next few weeks, we may hear something substantive in the direction of Sebastian Vettel joining the very team all expect him to race for, come 2021.

Remember come 2021, and there’d be no Racing Point (formerly, Force India) and it would be changing to Aston Martin for good!

As we all know, right before the start of the first-race of the current season, the curtain-raiser at Spielberg, the Austrian Grand Prix, the big news from the Formula 1 world was that Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel decided to part ways. It had, as it turns out, been an alliance for no fewer than six years and that, at the end of it, the partnership couldn’t achieve what was originally aimed- the world championship- no longer could the two continue to race as one!

As a result, Sebastian Vettel, out of contract at the end of 2020 was up into the driver’s market, looking for a seat for 2021, else it was the ‘end’ in Formula 1. And there emerged the most intriguing development, emerging once again from the very place most news emanates from- the paddock.

That Vettel would possibly land a seat at Aston Martin, (Racing Point christened) for 2021 would soon become the point of focus for most and as it turns out, it’s quite the piece of news that could leave most stunned, especially those who would’ve thought that the parting from Ferrari would mean no team would grab a driver of the repute of Vettel- a multiple world champion.

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Having said that, it’s been many weeks since the circulation of this rumor and now, a leading sports publication based in Italy has published an interesting report that shared the following:

The basis of the agreement has been substantially decided for some time. But Vettel’s role had to be established. (and monetized)

“He would have had as Formula 1 ambassador of the new Aston Martin brand, which from 2021 will give the team its name. Well, the commercial details of the contract should now be in place too.

“Sergio Perez, the driver destined to be replaced by Sebastian Vettel, contracted the coronavirus and was forced to miss a GP. So the team, for reasons of delicacy, could postpone the announcement of Vettel’s engagement.

Having said that, if Sebastian Vettel were to go to Aston Martin, it’s understood, he would race alongside Lance Stroll and that Perez would be on his way out. But where would the Mexican go? Alfa Romeo? Kimi, are you listening?

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