Not long after announcing earnings of no fewer than 403 million euros for the 2019 season in the highest annals of the sport, Mercedes, the strongest team by pure performance and records in the turbo-hybrid era of the sport have now reconfirmed their commitment to Formula 1, with their leading brand AMG.

The recommitment to the sport where winning driver titles and world championships have become second nature to Mercedes predominantly means that henceforth, the presence of the AMG branding shall be more prominent on the cars.

In a recent development where the parent company Daimler (the German major that owns five other enterprises apart from Mercedes) explained their future plans, it became clear that Mercedes and AMG will be even more closely related in terms of branding and partnership in the highest annals of racing.

What the aforementioned also does is that it puts an end to a winding period of suspicion where it was felt that Daimler, the parent brand, may even end up selling the Formula 1 team, a team that has, as on date, 8 driver titles along with 6 constructor titles.

Mercedes | Mercedes reconfirm commitment to f1 with AMG
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The team that first entered Formula 1 back in 1954, at the French Grand Prix, has since then, gone on to make record-breaking and conquering milestones a penchant with mesmeric consistency. On his own, Lewis Hamilton has taken Mercedes to a magnanimous tally of five drivers’ championships, three of which he won on trot, starting from 2017, 2018, and 2019.

And where it stands at the moment, then it’s none other than Lewis Hamilton who has against his name 205 points, as also the table-topping position on the 2020 driver’s championships, a position of utmost ascendency, bettered by none at any given point this season with 10 races having been completed.

What makes the team’s position nearly indomitable at this point is that, much like the previous season where both Mercedes drivers ended the driver’s standings on one and two, 2020 too, has seen no change whatsoever, Finnish Valtteri Bottas finding himself trailing Hamilton by 44 points.

But in a recent investor call, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius spoke about the company’s vision and roadmap for the imminent future, an interaction in which he would also ascertain the strong links between the AMG brand and the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

In a report published on Espn, the big Formula 1 story had the following insights around the sport’s strongman team:

The F1 team is already called the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, but Daimler wants to deepen the links between its performance brand AMG and its on-track success.

The team is on the brink of a seventh consecutive world title this year and with the incoming budget cap is aiming to become cost neutral for its parent company over the coming years.

The AMG announcement was made on Tuesday as part of a Mercedes-Benz strategy update, which will see extra emphasis put on Mercedes’ sub-brands AMG, Maybach, G and EQ.

Although the company plans to push all its brands toward electrification over the coming years, it still believes the hybrid technology used in F1 will be relevant to its performance models.

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The above news happens to be the key story from the topsy turvy but entirely thrilling world of a sport where there’s hardly any dearth of action with Honda’s recent announcement regarding them exiting the sport upon the completion of 2021, sending the F1 world into a tizzy.

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