The Mercedes 2020 F1 car, is by far, the ‘most complete’ Formula 1 racing car that the famous German team have gone on to produce. Not some random declaration but the verdict of famous Team Principal Christian Horner.

And it’s only fair to say the aforementioned, one would reckon for in a year where the noted Milton Keynes-base team are facing no challenge whatsoever from the Scuderia stable, the only team that is standing in its way of F1 domination is the Mercedes 2020 F1 car: W11.

In fact, and let there be no misunderstanding that the following line of expression is a pun intended to humor the readers, it does appear that the reason the Mercedes 2020 F1 car bears the alphabet ‘W’ in the 2020 machine is that it is synonymous with ‘wins!’

Mercedes 2020 F1 car

Wins- something that Mercedes are so habitual of, something Lewis Hamilton has essayed with great gusto and where many might contend, an iron-fisted dominance that none can match.

Does anyone even need proof of that? Of the ten races that have been held in the pandemic-marred year, eight events have been won by the most dominant team on the grid: the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

And what could be more determinant of Hamilton’s success that of the 8 wins secured by the number one name on the 2020 Constructor Standings, Lewis is single-handedly responsible for 6.

It’s hardly a surprise as to why then Christian Horner made the following observations on the rampantly successful Mercedes 2020 F1 car:

“There is no silver bullet,” the famous team principal said. Highlighting where might the team need to improve if they are to still challenge the Toto Wolff-led outfit, he would go on to state, “We need to improve across all areas of the car. So the whole team and together with Honda, we are focused on doing that.

“Mercedes has done a very good job this year. It is probably their most complete and rounded car, probably of the last six or seven years for them. So they’ve set the bar very high but that’s what we have to aim for.”

But having said the above, let’s make no mistake. Red Bull, on their part, have done an impressive job at firing surprises and constant challenges on their numero uno rival in the top annals of motorsport, part of which can be made from Max Verstappen bagging, in addition to his only race win of the year, seven podiums in ten races.

To this, Christian Horner highlighted whether the Red Bull machine boasts of the package that’s made the difference even as the team is 174 points adrift of table-topping Mercedes:

“It’s always a combination. It’s about working together and we share the same goal, we share the same objective.

“I’m confident we can collectively get there. Mercedes have had such a period of domination but as we all know, in sport, at some point in time that will come to an end. That’s inevitable.”

The forthcoming races could also throw an interesting challenge for the top-notch drivers on the grid in that not many have driven on circuits like Imola and Nurburgring, or even the Algarve International circuit. Can Mad Max do something spectacular akin to his win at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix and find a way to stop Lewis, the undisputed king of the grid? We shall have to wait and see.

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