Experienced thought leader at Red Bull, a former F1 racing driver, albeit not one with something that you’d call an avuncular personality, Helmut Marko is a man of many hats. Some of which he wears with a bit of a temper, and the rest, with a straightforwardness that coupled with his experience make him a unique presence in the paddock.

But the Austrian has, over the course of several seasons in Formula 1, become a critical feature of the famous Milton Keynes- outfit, one whose cerebral powers include Christian Horner and Helmut Marko himself.

But the ageing Austrian, in a recent interaction with the media, happened to share what he told under-fire Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, the German enduring the worst season in his Scuderia career, ever since switching to red overalls, from 2015.

There’s never been a season wherein the famous and mighty successful four-time world champion has not won a race with Ferrari, currently driving in his final run for the famous Italian marquee.

But that said, Vettel’s future career move, now confirmed with Aston Martin, for 2021, has also settled tense nerves for the man who has no fewer than 53 race wins against his names and four consecutive world titles with Red Bull.

But interestingly speaking, at a time where it was expected that Vettel may just take the year off and do nothing, instead of being in Formula 1, where he’s failed to uplift himself to a point of Red Bull-like authority (like in the past), the German champion decided to stick on.

And as a result of that, Vettel reignited belief whether there can be something special on the horizon come the new year, since the team with which he’s signed is essentially the same chassis, machine and tech albeit with a new branding.

That being said, there’s reason to believe that the man we were so accustomed at seeing at the front of our grid may soon be among podium positions or if not, then, at least, in the fighting midfield spots instead of being stacked at the rear end (of the grid) that he’s become habitual of occupying in 2020.

Helmut Marko on Sebastian Vettel
Source: racefans.net

Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem that any of that would matter to Helmut Marko, for here’s what he ended up sharing on Sebastian Vettel:

He sees a chance at Aston Martin to get on the podium. I doubt whether he can win because of the car.

“I told him to take a year off. Then in the meantime he can recharge and tackle the opportunities that will open up in 2022 with renewed vigor. But he has decided to stay in the action.”

That being said, after a disappointing 2020 Eifel GP, where Sebastian Vettel didn’t make it in points at his home race event- with Nurburgring returning to the roster after 7 years- there’ll be hopes that the Deutscher can bounce back and do something special at the upcoming Portuguese GP, slated for October 25, 2020.

Moreover, with the planned Ferrari upgrades offering hope that better things are on the horizon, Vettel may still want to bounce back at another race where let’s say, not many would hope him to do well, knowing his 2020 form.

Stay tuned for the mega battle at Portimao next up.

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