When will Formula 1 begin? This is not some random question. In the context of a season that hasn’t even gone underway, it’s a mightily relevant question. It’s also a thought that’s been buzzing aloud in everyone’s mind. Because at the end of the day, away from the shenanigans and all the mind games, it’s racing that we all love, it’s racing that we desire seeing. Don’t we?

So the fact that there hasn’t been a single race so far seems rather unimaginably dull- right? But, wait. Hang on for a second. There does appear to be a bit of a clarification as to when might Formula 1 begin again.

In fact, a person that has a rather clear about about it is none other than Haas’ Romain Grosjean. Now a driver with sizeable experience, Romain Grosjean, just in case you didn’t know, also happens to be the director of the famous GPDA (Grand Prix Driver’s Association).

Romain Grosjean was recently part of a close discussion that also included some key members from the racing fraternity, that included some leading names of the grid.

He shared candidly that the current drivers are ready to help as best as they possibly can in order to have the sport begin and ensure that racing finally goes underway.

Romain Grosjean also indicated that the current grid is ready to do all in its capacity to adhere to the instructions meted by the F1 officials. By the way, as a matter of fact, it’s believed that we may finally see a double-header take place provided clear safety instructions are carried out in lines with the current COVID-19 epidemic.

He was of the view that there is regular contact between the drivers and those administering and governing it off the grid.

That being said, in an exclusive interaction with Sky Sports, the following are the key excerpts from Romain Grosjean’s discussion:

We have got a WhatsApp group and it has been very active, I must say,” said Grosjean of the drivers’ body. “A lot of discussions on different subjects.

“We had a call with Formula 1, Chase Carey and Ross [Brawn]. I just couldn’t make the call, but I know Alex [Wurz, GPDA chairman] and Sebastian [Vettel, GPDA director] were on it, and then I got the feedback.

“We are trying to be as much as we can involved; trying to help the best we can because to help the teams we need to go racing earlier than later.

Obviously not doing anything costs money for nothing and if we can go racing then we know what’s happening.”

That being said, a lot was expected from the current season, one that we all hope begins immediately instead of another long wait.

The first race of the 2020 season, it’s believed, might be the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix, which may be followed by another race the very next season. We remember the last event at Spielberg that resulted in a rare but highly-regarded maiden victory by the Red Bull team, for whom the track and contest basically form the home racing event.

Do you remember Max Verstappen’s electrifying contest with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, the latter eventually finishing with a fighting second? Who wants to see something similar and absolutely entertaining this time around too?

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