Among the most popular drivers on the current grid, whenever Daniel Ricciardo says something, you’d much rather pay attention to it instead of shoving it in a corner. A fast-paced driver, habitual of excelling through late-braking, you could be a fan of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas or Sebastian Vettel.

But you feel a sense of joy when Daniel Ricciardo wins and does something special- isn’t it? He did that at Monaco in 2018. He did that by braking late in his customary excellent fashion at China and Azerbaijan in 2017. And where it remains in ebb of the future- then, it could be said, there are several occasions lying ahead where Ricciardo is poised to do something great.

The man who was currently the ‘talk of the town’ for his confirmed move to McLaren for 2021, the famous Australian was quite the toast of the F1 fraternity.

Though, it was also a bit surprising that the Perth-born racer wasn’t signed by Maranello, contrary to what was believed and even widely touted, though the switch to red overalls, it turned out, belonged to Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr.

That being said, recently Daniel Ricciardo shared his insights as to what might happen in the days ahead. He was quoted on some thoughts as to what might one expect in the days ahead given when the sport finally gets underway in 2020.

This, of course, is a season where the dominant theme, thus far, has been the cancellation of Grands Prix and events, time and again.

So ahead of the July-bound Austrian Grand Prix, which is believed to be the first race of the season, what does Daniel Ricciardo feel about a controversy-marred season?

Well, it’s believed that the noted Austrian talent shared that there might be a hint of chaos on the grid come the start of the season where we’ve all been waiting thus far. Though, he remained optimistic as well and shared, ” Hopefully (it’s) in a controlled manner!”

When I say chaos, I’m not really referencing cars everywhere, but I’m just referencing there’s going to be so much; a combination of rust, emotion, excitement, just eagerness.

“Everyone is going to be ready to go.

“I think you’re going to get some guys who perform on that level of adrenaline, and others who might not.

“That’s going to create some bold overtakes and some miscalculated ones.

“You’re going to see a bit of everything, I’m sure.”

After spending no fewer than a decade in the highest form of Grand Prix racing, Daniel Ricciardo also shared that he doesn’t feel the physical toll ahead of a race and that may be down to the fact that he’s been racing for a while now, having arrived in 2010 with Scuderia Toro Rosso!

He would further add, “I’ve noticed over time, my first few winter testings in the early part of my career, day one always felt like a bit of a shock to the system again,” he reasoned.

“The further my career has gone on, the less of a shock that has been.”

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