Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari engine amid scathing accusations levelled by on-track rivals! But what was his point of contention?

If anyone were to describe Ferrari’s ongoing season, a run that has no more than two Grands Prix left, then it might be described in two simple ways.

One might say that the first half of the season saw them effectively running out of any contention at giving Mercedes any competition whatsoever while the second half of the season saw them seriously in the thick of the things.

Another way to describe it would be to simply suggest that Ferrari simply weren’t in it in the first half of the season and came back strongly to surprise a lot many, especially Mercedes in the concluding part of the year.

Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari engine

But Formula 1 battles, it ought to be reminded, do not merely take place on the grid. It’s a battle that you fight constantly in the mind as well. And therefore, very often, as one might note in the heat of the moment, words are exchanged, things are said and one waxes lyrical constantly.

But it must be said that the way Ferrari bounced back post suffering the ignominy of emerging winless from twelve back-to-back races (the first half of the season) was something that left few speechless and others smelling a rat.

In the second half of the ongoing season, Ferrari, it turned out, hit back strongly at their rivals, first courtesy an amazing triumph at Spa-Francorchamps, authored by Charles Leclerc and later at Monza as Leclerc did a repeat of his Belgian heroics in leaving Hamilton and company stunned.


But when Vettel, who had hitherto endured a torrid run, not winning a single contest until fourteen contests, ended up on the top step of the Marina Bay (Singapore Grand Prix) the likes of Red Bull, in particular, and others began doubting the legality of Ferrari’s engine.

And now, news has it that Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari’s engine as the rabble against the legality and authenticity of the SF90’s engine has come under immense scrutiny by the on-track rivals.

As Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari engine, it is worthwhile to note his insights and thoughts as to what makes the current car absolutely in lines with the requirements of the sport, debunking the myth leveled by the likes of Red Bull, who have gone as far as suggesting that Ferrari are simply, ‘arm twisting.’

Focus on Ferrari engine
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Leclerc began his response by sharing, “It’s not my motivation to educate our opponents.” He would further add, “in the team, we know that everything is alright and that we have done nothing wrong.”

But that said, while Charles Leclerc defends Ferrari, it’s also important to note that his more experienced teammate, Sebastian Vettel also came into the defence of the team and shared the following:

“It’s not about silencing anyone. I guess if we go back to normal here then we should be able to win, and that’s more important.”

Allegation on Ferrari

Regardless of the disparity of the views between the Scuderia and its rivals, it’s not the first time that the red cars have come under the scanner of their rivals and one might conclude, it may not also be the last!

The focus right now, with just two races remaining on the roster, from Ferrari’s perspective would be to collect as many points as possible to limit their gap to crown-wearers Mercedes.

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