F1 drivers don’t just have fans; they have what could be called devotees for life. Wondering how? Just ask a die-hard F1 fan how it feels to endure a weekend that has no live-action? You’ll find an appropriate answer through wide-ranging expressions on the face. The feelings that range from sullen and lifelessness can perhaps explain the toll faced by the fan left distraught by no action.

From a driver perspective, the amount of fanfare they generate for their thrilling, very ‘edge of the seat’ theatrics inside the throbbing F1 car is the stuff of legends, truth be told.

But what’s interesting is that we all know what fans feel about Formula 1’s sizzling stars. But seldom do we know what an F1 driver feels about himself. Isn’t it?

He’s been described as a future Formula 1 World Champion, a man many feel is worthy of lifting multiple world championships. He’s fast, his talent is thrilling and his exploits this year seem to reveal a man who would be ‘king’ one day.

Charles Leclerc
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Even someone like Lewis Hamilton has said that with age and talent on this man’s side, he could well transform into being a really steady challenger in the top annals of Grand Prix Racing. Many a Tifosi feels that he already is the man set to lead Ferrari to its next dawn in Formula 1.

Those who’ve seen his exploits in the electrifying night race at Sakhir, the string of fantastic results fetched at Silverstone, Spielberg, Monza and Spa-Francorchamps feels he’s a god-gifted racer.

But the question is- what does Charles Leclerc truly feel about himself?

The 22-year-old Monegasque driver recently made news off the grid when he decided to dump his steady girlfriend of several years in a bid to increase his focus and devote himself immaculately to his racecraft. Some lauded his decision, some perhaps became even bigger fans.

But what does the gentle personality behind Ferrari’s much-talked-about resurgence as seen in the second half the ongoing season feel about his own self?

“I am definitely interested in that and I think Formula One should do the absolute maximum to try and go in that direction,” he said.

Formula 1 journals carried some interesting insights about Charles Leclerc’s own views on himself.

Charles Leclerk being hard

“I’ve always been very hard on myself, it’s the way that works with me. I don’t like to hide the errors I make. Any time I’m doing a mistake, I’m just saying it,” he explained.

“For me, it’s the easiest way to improve from that afterwards. I analyse everything I do and when I see something I don’t like I try to find the solution and that’s why I’m so hard on myself.”

While Ferrari have once again failed to win the Constructor championship, with Mercedes eloping with the crown for a record sixth occasion, in a few moments from now, the world championship will also fall in the lap of either of the two Mercedes drivers.

But that said, the famous Maranello-based team, undoubtedly the most iconic racing outfit seems to have found a young man who dreams big and one whose on-track antics have earned him lots of fans already.

Charles Leclerc would further add, “Consistency will be extremely important next year if we’ve got the car to win the championship. Consistency will be key and I need to work on that.”

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