He’s not called the Prince of Calcutta for nothing. Chances are, if you’re someone attracted by the allure of Indian Cricket then Saurav Ganguly’s batting may certainly have commanded your attention at a certain juncture of time. 

what Nasser Hussain thinks of Saurav Ganguly
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The time where, as Rahul Dravid nicknamed him, the Lord of the off side lorded over square and cover region with grace that you’d relate to elegant royal princes. 

Having said that, it wasn’t that the former Indian Cricket captain was just this elegant and soothing timer of the ball. For the longest time, before the likes to Yuvraj and Raina arrived to make the game more powerful and still in the ebb of left handlers, there were few regaling sites others than seeing Dada dance down the track to spinners. 

As when he’d do so, he’d send the ball for a search hunt. Maybe all of that and his mercurial impact which led India to several series victories both on their he turf and abroad has led Nasser Hussain to say what he just did for Saurav Ganguly. 

As there’s been priceless praise stemming from the ebb of an equally determined and widely respected English captain – Nasser Hussain. 

While it’s always a pleasant feeling to hear a fine player shower praise on another, that Ganguly has found respect from Hussain is rather special. 

For they were once fierce adversaries on the pitch but gentlemen of it. 

So when Hussein lavished praise on his former Indian counterpart hailing the famous leftie as the man responsible for starting a revolution in Indian cricket, there was such delight and obvious fanfare. 

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Speaking in a media exchange with a noted television channel, the upright and resilient former English captain shared his humble two cents on an adversary he holds in much respect: 

“Sourav made the Indian team a feisty side. He made the side tough, and when he was captaining the side you knew you were in a big battle with them. I have huge respect for him as a captain as he started the revolution of Indian cricket!”

The above also shows us the gentle and gracious side of a man who’s noted for being an independent mind and an astute observer of the game; think someone like Mr. Ian Bishop for the West Indies. 

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