Curtly Ambrose and Kyle Jamieson, two noted cricketers, albeit from different teams have more in common other than the fact that both are fast-bowlers. The fact that they both are 6 feet 8 inches in frame cuts an uncanny similarity between two right-arm pacers who belong to very different eras; one among them, an all-time legend from the West Indies, whilst the other an emerging force from New Zealand, having begun strongly against India.

In the same way, noted cricketer Mohammad Irfan isn’t the only bowler to cut a sizeable impression because of a tall physical frame in the game. Pakistan’s up and coming bowler Mudassir Gujjar also shares the same attribute with his compatriot. Just that, at 7 feet 6 inches, Gujjar could well be on his way to become the tallest spinner to ever play international cricket, apart from being the tallest Pakistani export to the great game.

Mudassir Gujjar Tallest Pakistani Bowler
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Having said that, a famous figure of Lahore Qalandars’ unit as of the 2019 Pakistan Super League, Mudassir Gujjar aims to beat the record of 38-year-old left-arm pacer Mohammad Irfan to become the tallest bowler ever to wield a ball in international cricket.

The kind of talent who may still be miles from filling anyone’s big shoes in the game for his are indescribably big, lest it is forgotten with that imposing frame, right?

Never before in the history of the game have Pakistan unearthed a sheer giant in the game that unites the country like no other sport does. And with age being on his side, Mudassir Gujjar, all of 21, would definitely want to make an impression in the game for his country at the first given opportunity, an opportunity that could take him to further heights, no pun intended!

Speaking to Mail online recently, the rising spinner from Pakistan had the following to say, “My height is a blessing as I can run faster and be the fastest bowler,” he was quoted as saying.I started training seven months ago to become a bowler but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a pause. I hope one day I will be the tallest bowler in the world.”

Pakistan Tallest bowler - Mudassir Gujjar
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But while a particularly lanky height can afford one easy headlines, it can also be a peculiar challenge to deal with, not the easiest, if it might be said. So was that the case for the Pakistani talent? He would further add the following:

“I was the tallest child in the school and in the neighbourhood. I was already six-foot tall when I was ten and by the time I was in high school, I was above seven feet tall. My parents were worried as I kept growing. They were not able to understand why I was growing taller than my siblings and if it will later cause any troubles for me.”

That being said, important to note that it’s not that tall spinners haven’t been a part of the game in the decades before! As a matter of fact, Suleiman Benn (born in Barbados), best remembered for his turnout in Test cricket, where he picked no fewer than 6 fifers for the West Indies (87 wickets from 26 Tests, including 144 overall wickets international cricket) stands at 2.01 metres.

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To conclude, it would be very interesting to see whether the Pakistan cricket authorities take Mudassir Gujjar under their wing and provide him the tutelage needed to make use of a bowler who by virtue of his imposing physicality could well become a demonic talent with the ball.

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