There are boards. There are strict and powerful cricket boards. And then there are those boards that exert a certain kind of appeal and stature. We clearly know where to place the BCCI in the current context of the game. Don’t we?

While surely there are those that only think of the BCCI emanating a certain sense of power which is right, there’s also more to the famous cricketing body (in whose hands rests the charge of the development and running of Indian Cricket) than just might.

It can be said, the BCCI is not only one of the most respected cricketing bodies among all active or existing teams but it’s also a body that is concerned about a sense of discipline and methodology.

Maybe it’s sad that most only see one side of the story- isn’t it? The fact that the board is a cautious thinking body concerned with the right growth of the sport and its own structure can be understood by the latest decision taken by the elite organization.

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That being said, it’s worth noting that the said force has shared that it has issued a certain restriction to its employees from talking to the media. Now surprising that this may sound, there has to be some logic and sound thinking that’s surely gone behind such action.

For the simple reason that at the end of the day, when you issue a notice that you are ‘restricted’ from talking to the media, there’s something serious behind the scenes.

Perhaps that can be gauged by the fact that there may have been too much curiosity on the part of the media (given its intrepid curiosity) to know what’s the next step where the direction of the cricket action and IPL goes- right?

Maybe, it might have happened that too many media channels, regardless of platform- digital, print, radio, web, tv- may have been chasing the BCCI employees to get a clear picture into the window of the future.

Who knows what might have happened but there’s something that can be submitted with a sense of confidence.

The moment the lockdown sent the already structured 2020 calendar into a state of uncertainty and confusion, the one thing everyone’s been wanting to know is when might cricket return. Importantly, where the fans of T20 stand, they’ve all been curious to know when might IPL return or happen, ever since official statements (issued earlier) suggested that there was no ‘fixed date or time’ where it would return.

Lest it is forgotten that in India, cricket is a very serious business and not only that, something that goes into being border-line obsession. How could anyone have resorted to minding their own business the moment it was known that whether or not the IPL might happen would be uncertain?

Surely, there may have been one query too many on the part of the fans and the general media enquiries which would’ve been endlessly asking questions of BCCI’s employees.

Probably this is the reason why Mr Jay Shah’s office sent out a clear message in an official message furnished on an E-Mail that said the following:

It has been brought to our notice that some of the BCCI employees are going out in the media and giving interviews. This is against employees’ contract and poses risk of leaking out critical information of the organisation.”

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Some might still feel that the step taken by the BCCI was drastic and not called for. But truly speaking, maybe it was only the right course of action.

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