Apparently, there seems to be some change on the cards where the forthcoming tours of the Indian men’s national cricket team is concerned. For now, it’s important to remember that India had planned for a tour featuring the Zimbabwe team. Also, there was to have been a triangular series, featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe (with India involved). What about that?

So have these two series been panned? Well, it appears that the respected BCCI have cancelled the said tours. In what can be called a sudden but confirmed course of action, the BCCI have only a few hours back, cancelled the tours featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbwe.

But one thing needs to be understood. What might have been the reason behind this cancellation and was that required?

While truth be told, there can never be a legitimate answer or reason from the fan’s perspective, for its not he who decides, the BCCI have also apparently shared their reason for doing so.

Not that any elaborate media presser took place where such decision was confirmed- the same that is being debated currently over the Internet- sources suggest that the decision regarding cancellation was taken due to the fact that the Indian team didn’t get much practice. And hence!

One can only imagine what can happen to the best of teams in the absence of match practice. But then, isn’t this all too sudden a decision?

Critically speaking, (if at all one is allowed to do so), the tour may only have happened over the course of the next few days- isn’t it?

At the moment, there’s more than half of June still left. Would that not have given ample time and practice period for the Indian national cricket team in whatever capacity possible?

From a fan perspective, who may have cherished the idea of seeing his favourite team take to the ground; the place where it belongs actually; this is a disparaging piece of news.

That being said, here is what the famous news publication Mumbai Mirror had to say:

The cancellation of the Zimbabwe tour comprising three ODIs

The cancellation of the Zimbabwe tour comprising three ODIs is a ‘surprise’ given that the tour was to have started on August 24. This is more than two months from now.

Apparently, the reason cited is that the team would need six months of rigorous training and match practice to be ready for international cricket and the BCCI obviously does not see any chance of resumption of cricket anytime soon.

That media byte from the publication told, there’s also a greater connection or thing or two attributed to the South African tour that one needs to think of. The cancellation of the Zimbabwe tour now leaves the South African tour, also scheduled in August, in doubt.

To anyone who may have thought of that being an excellent opportunity to witness some close and hard-fought cricket will now rue the lost chance, if at all, the official word regarding the cancellation comes in. Isn’t it?

To this, the BCCI said, the “office bearers have been taking due notes of the advisories and restrictions issued by the Government of India and it is fully committed to comply to the same.”

That told, there’s not much to say at the moment, except it would be so upsetting to see no India taking on Proteas fire, which was originally expected.

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