We think that the life of the cricketers out there who toil endlessly on the turf, travel around the world in a bid to raise the Indian flag high, and compete relentlessly in all sorts of contests is the only tough and remorseless grind out there. Isn’t it? Perhaps, we cannot be blamed for thinking so for that, certainly, is the truth. But is that the only truth. Wondering what is the full picture then? The full picture is that the struggle isn’t only of those who are constantly at the face of the cricketing battle; but rather those who spend countless hours in administering cricket in a country that perhaps cannot imagine its life without a single day of bat and ball in a year.

This clearly means that the life of those in the BCCI- regardless of howsoever power-fueled it might be- is a constant saga of drama and responsibility, rigors and oodles of mental grind.

This can be simply understood by the fact that the BCCI officials are the ones who are entrusted with the task of maintaining the game’s upkeep in an era where there’s constant cricketing action on the one hand while the demand to make the sport engaging, (competitive that it may be) in a way that the interests of all stakeholders are protected, is another responsibility, on the other hand.

On that ground, the BCCI officials are about as much amid constant action as are both young and established names in the sport. Their responsibility is to provide sufficient opportunities for the manifestation of the ‘right’ talents and to see that the cricketing infrastructure at the disposal of Indian talents suffices and ticks all the right boxes whether it is mental conditioning, administrative or cricketing support.

Now, going further, the BCCI will be tasked with another interesting new task to aid the growth of the sport in the right direction, especially where it concerns the selectors in whose ebb rests the ‘call’ to pick talents.

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So how will this be done, you might ask? Apparently, the Indian Cricket Board will now be making the footage of every single domestic match which will later be made available to both the cricketers as well as the selectors.

This is a critical move, as one notes, that shall help the decision-makers and the heroes on the 22 yards make the right calls and understand their cricket better.

Now while this is quite a task in itself, it definitely requires a close set of actions that shall prompt a follow-up. One wonders, how will this be achieved?

It is believed that the cricket board in India is in the process of installing proper cameras (better quality) at the bowler’s end which will then aid the players and the ‘decision-makers’ by proving them clear evidence of the cricketing talent around the country. It will help view talent and gauge the real quality in a better manner than before.

This, in turn, shall aid the crucial decision-making process. The footages procured, thereafter, one reckons, will be different from the live TV feed, if any.

Why this move, one feels, is also important is down to the fact that it is not really possible for the selectors to cover all the matches- happening at the domestic stage- around the country.

A close source to the BCCI suggested that the board will now be handing out a CD to both the teams (and therefore, players) as well as the national selectors.

Therefore, this step will also enable a clear process to judge talent and make the fair call basis close scrutiny as noted from a live contest.

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