Why majority of Indians should not celebrate Navratri or Nav Durga festival?

What I observed and why I said that majority of Indian should not celebrate the Navratri?

After reading articles Would You Prefer A Blue Or A Pink ?” , Festivity in the air and few personal observations, I sat ruminating on the nature of existence of this festival.

While the Festivity in the air talks about the beauty of festivals enter into our life, with devotion and celebrations and former one showed the brutal truth of our society.

There are more stories to add woes. So, my mind gave a conclusion, that was to intermit the ‘PUJA’ till we become worthy to celebrate this pious festival.

Why to pray Goddess when we can’t respect women? Why to create a world where we are ashamed to witness the hypocrisy we show for women. Irony is women are also participating in this race of dual standards. Where this will end? Will our ancient heritage return; where girls were considered as blessings.

Why majority of Indians should not celebrate Navratri or Nav Durga festival?

Do we know the sex ratio of our country? What do the facts reveal?  Read it and for a moment realize the brutal truth. “Would You Prefer A Blue Or A Pink ?”

Reality is we want our lineage predestined by ‘Boys’ only. We kill our angels before they can step into this world. The world in which we pray, kneel down in front of goddesses.  We also don’t forget to please a Mother Goddess via different routes like fasts or offerings. Another irony which left my brain in utter perplex condition is that, this heinous act gets equal involvement & cooperation from Women.

At the time of birth (girl child), wishes (Don’t be surprised to read, well-wishers are women themselves) pour in “May your family be complete next time”, as we all know boys only complete the family. “Congratulations you have “Laxmi” in your house, now start collecting money for her dowry.” “OH! You got baby girl, hmmm, don’t worry you will have boy next time.

Yes, time has changed we do see girls now considered equal; however the speed is slower than the turtle itself. The nation that celebrates nine forms of goddess twice (Popularly two are known otherwise we have five Navratras) in the year can’t have determination to uproot the menace, why we have this rigid attitude which is denying a revolutionary change.

We are ready to spend lavishly on “our loved daughters”, however we don’t have penny in our pockets for her education. Why Indian notion of “Paraya Dhan” still exists.Why for our daughter-in-law we have attitude of “Dusre ghar ki beti”. When our daughter and daughter-in-law are welcomed wholeheartedly then why we wait eagerly to welcome “MAA” at our house in form of ‘JAGRATAS’, ‘KIRTANS’ and ‘KANJAK’. I guess “a girl has no house of her own”.

Irony rather I will call it an apex stature of Irony that even educated and a self-sufficient girl doesn’t seem to mistrust the age-old postulates of the wedding market. Such as –

A guy should have “his own house , good job, high salary”, why can’t a girl can’t give support if guy seeks assistance financially, emotionally to develop his career or may be start-up or house etc.,. May be this pattern again is slightly changing, couple are working and earning.

We are bestowed that our history in has numerous examples of Women and their works which changed the course of destiny. From ‘Maharanis to Politicians’, from worker to officer and why we forget that our goddesses have powers in form of Shakti (power), Saraswati (Education) & Laxmi (wealth) and they help our Gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu to execute their power and responsibilities. So, shouldn’t we self-analyze which way we are heading to; why we are just turning blind to the philosophical and practical teachings of our festival?

If we have the disadvantage of being a female in patriarchal structure we do have advantages also. The fights, it is a well-known sphere to be dominated by women, I personally believe it, as I am one of those women who doesn’t leave arguments without winning. However, I make sure my argument consists of logic and facts. I wish I could say it for majority (Forgive me unreal feminists). I stand by this truth that yes, we are difficult to be with yet it is impossible to live without us (In any form you need us, Remember Mother Earth, Mother India or Mother or Mother Nature). I wished as Mother Nature and Earth occasionally showed us the power of theirs, women should also enunciates merely worshipping the Statues will not be fruitful if we can’t respect the power and ideologies for which “MAA DURGA” took nine forms.

So, a humble request either we take vow to initiate a little step everyday towards the glorious change OR we stop the ‘just to follow regular ritual’.


13 Oct, 2015
Preet Bhartiya

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