Stop Comparing Neymar With Messi And Ronaldo

For Neymar, it is still a long journey. At the age of 23, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 118 Goals and had one Ballon D’or. When Lionel Messi was 23, he had scored 150 Goals with two Ballon D’or in his kitty. Neymar has achieved score of 183 goals and zero Ballon D’or and for him it is still a long journey to travel.

Why even after 183 goals he has not achieved the fame yet? Let us do the analysis.

Brazilian league is an easy adventure for football lovers. We do love Brazil and Brazilian league, however when it comes to the level of toughness EPL is the toughest and then LaLiga and afterwards BPL.

Ronaldo and Messi won games and trophies on their own, however, Neymar still has to prove himself.

Neymar comparison
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Apart from the criteria of teams and leagues, if we will compare the competition in all the three series then we will notice that EPL has always been a competition between the teams for survival, more than three teams rule there and in LaLiga from a longer duration two teams are dominating the field. Also, we all know the harsh conditions during EPL, it has more ‘physical appeal’ and LaLiga has more ‘technical and sophisticated’ touch.

So, if we talk about Messi, he was born to rule football ground and Ronaldo made himself the king of football and Neymar is way too far. Ronaldo being a winger has scored this high number and Messi was the center forward, he does energy management for his goals. Neymar has still to come out of a shell.

Neymar is indeed a great player; however comparison that is being done is not justified.

17 November 2015

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