The benefits and positive results of practicing Yoga are acclaimed and echoed all over the world. Yoga helps you to calm yourself, reduces stress and anxiety, and cures a lot of diseases that we wouldn’t even believe that it does. And, one of those diseases is thyroid. Yes, you read that right, yoga for thyroid is a real thing and it actually works.

Yoga for Thyroid | Cat Cow Pose

The thyroid is a gland that secretes a hormone called thyroxine accountable for the body’s growth, metabolism and temperature. The deficiency of thyroxine could result in harmful diseases such as goiter.

First, let us understand what type of thyroid disorders could exist:

1. Hypothyroidism – The thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroid hormones.

2. Hyperthyroidism – The excess release of thyroid hormones causes hyperthyroidism.

To avoid such thyroid-related problems or diseases, here we are with some of the best yoga for thyroid poses which will help you out not instantly but over a period of time if done on a regular basis.

1. Supported Shoulder Stand

This exercise would be the most common one for thyroid treatment which would be advised by anybody out there, all because it has delivered proven results.

Supported Shoulder Stand - Yoga For Thyroid

How To Do:
Lay down on the ground or mat. Then, put both your arms behind your hips to support them. Then lift your legs up straight at a 90° angle with your hands supporting your hips all the time, such that your body makes an L shape. Get your legs as ahead as possible and near your head, then slowly go back to the initial position. Repeat this about 8-10 times to achieve good results.

2. Plow Pose – Yoga For Thyroid

This yoga for thyroid is quite similar to a supported shoulder stand, and so it works in the same way.

©Flickr|Nicholas A. Tonelli

How To Do:
Get in the exact same position as in the case of supported shoulder stand and do it in the same way, with a minor difference. Get your legs behind your head so that your feet touch the ground.
It might sound difficult but it is easier than the previous exercise.

3. Legs-up-the-wall Pose

Though this pose doesn’t put much pressure on your thyroid area but then, it works in its own way to cure the problem.

Legs-up-the-wall Pose
©Youtube|practice with kris

How To Do:
Lay down comfortably on the mat or ground. Keeping your hands fixed on the mat, lift your legs up to a 90° angle and then raise your feet so that it faces the roof above being parallel to it. Hold for 5 seconds and then get your legs relaxed and get them down on the ground. Repeat this exercise 7-8 times every day for wondrous results.

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4. Cat-cow Pose

This is very easy to do yoga for thyroid and it stimulates the thyroid region thoroughly. Here’s how you do it.

Cat-cow Pose | Yoga for Thyroid
©YouTube | Yoga With Adriene

How To Do:
Get in the position similar to a cat or a cow i.e. your wrists below your shoulders and knees below your hips on all fours. Move the middle part of your body downwards towards the mat and look up while doing it, and then move it upwards away from the mat and look downwards while doing so. Repeat this continuously for a minute and see good results for yourself.

5. Cobra Pose

This is basically a type of hold and it as well stimulates the thyroid and throat region.


How To Do:
Lay down on a mat with your belly facing the mat (i.e. oppositely). Get both of your wrists aside your shoulders and lift your body upwards without moving the lower part of your body (i.e. below your hips). Look upwards stretching your body and hold for 30 seconds. If done every day, you’ll see outstanding results within a month or so.

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So these were a few of the poses of yoga for thyroid, which if done regularly, will deliver amazing results within a couple of months. Apart from yoga, make sure to indulge in a healthy and balanced diet to provide optimum nutrients to one’s body.

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