Whenever you have noticed a stinky offender in action, you must have asked yourself, what must he have eaten to have released such a trauma. In such moments, you might also wonder why some farts cause quarantine-like conditions, while others rise to the fart heaven completely unnoticed?

What makes farts stink?

Simple answer: YOU. You have the power to control the smell of your sternum through your diet. Not all farts are made in the same way. Some smell like rotten eggs, others like three-month-old broccoli.

A pungent smell is fundamentally not bad. It is the result of the work of bacteria in your digestive tract. Here everyone acts differently. The foul smell only means that the carbohydrates you consume are digested. The whole thing is a fermentation process.

Ironically, the more healthy your diet is, your farts will smell worse. Fiber-rich foods such as broccoli or oatmeal promote the production of intestinal bacteria, which means that you automatically puff more.

Sulfur causes the stink

What makes farts stink
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Food with a high sulfur content such as red meat, milk, or vegetable proteins, is the trigger for the smell. If we feed the bacteria in our intestines with protein-rich foods, they produce a sulfur-containing gas that turns your farts into pure poison.

The end product of the fermentation process in the digestive tract are gases like carbon oxide, hydrogen, and methane.

What causes the stink of eggs?

When the bacteria break down your food into hydrogen sulfide, a stench of eggs is produced. According to experts, some people are methane producers, while others have a special talent in the production of hydrogen sulfide. Depending on how you design your diet.

Is farting avoidable?

If you just want to lower your fart frequency, you need to follow a protein-rich menu. It is because of the fact that proteins don’t produce a lot of gas, carbohydrates do. However, you would need to test the diet for a few days first, since the body of every person works differently.

interesting facts about Farts
Kickass facts

A certain meal plan can turn you into a loud but non-toxic cylinder, while your buddy can play the flute unnoticed all day but with a killing stench.

Here are some interesting facts about Farts that you have always wanted to know, or didn’t want to know because it disgusts you, but we are going to share them anyway.

1. The phenomenon of the widely feared silent fart. 

We have always thought that the silent ones are more deadly. However, no matter whether it is quiet or loud, they all have the same gas components as nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, oxygen, and water. Here, pressure plays a role in dispersing the fart quickly in case of loud farts.

2. Why are some farts loud and others quiet?

are farts flammable

The volume of a fart depends on the amount of gas, the speed of the discharge, and the resistance that the gas has to overcome on the sphincter and buttocks. High pressure means louder noise.

3. Is permanent farting a sign of health or illness?

A trillion microbes live in the intestine. These microbes constantly decompose the food in the digestive tract and thereby produce gases. According to the experts, 13 to 21 farts per day are harmless. If you exceed this limit, you should visit a doctor because excessive gas production can cause conditions such as dysbiosis, constipation, or irritation of the mucous membrane.

4. The last fart escapes from the body when someone dies. 

Corpses don’t normally fart. One possible explanation would be that the dead man ate well before he died. The intestinal functions could also be active a few hours after death, which could force the gas through the sphincter muscle to find its way to freedom.

Fart facts

5. Are farts flammable?

Farts consist of various noble gases such as methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Methane and hydrogen are extremely flammable. As with house fires, oxygen fires the inflammation. Depending on the methane and hydrogen content, a fart could actually burn. But don’t turn yourself into a lighter after knowing this.

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6. Do you burn calories while farting?

Unfortunately, as many internet users claim, you don’t burn 67 calories per fart. If that were true, a person who farts 21 times a day would burn 1,407 calories just by farting. Farting does not replace a workout.

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