We all know about memory dropouts of this kind. They occur every now and then and sometimes in the most inappropriate moments. An explanation for this should be easy, after all it is a widespread phenomenon. But when it comes to memory, It is really hard to explain anything.

Why I Forget Things

There can be many different reasons for forgetting. For some people, depression leads to temporarily diminished memory, for others, the cause might be as simple as trying to look deeply. Pathological changes in memory such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can also begin with individual dropouts.

Emotions Control Memory

Emotions Control Memory

But when healthy people without alcohol influence temporarily forget their PIN, this is usually a sign that the memory is being overlaid by something else at that point. In other words, there is simply a lack of concentration at these moments. The ability to connect spiritually, the intention to remain attentive, is subject to numerous influences. Distraction and stress have a negative impact on concentration, as do worries or positive excitement.

Emotions play the most important role in remembering things. They are what defines our memory and what essentially controls it. This is easy to understand, because it means that what is emotionally attached is best remembered. As a result, many people still know exactly they did on September 11, 2001 when they heard about the collapse of the WTC towers in New York. The question of what they ate lunch three days ago, on the other hand, can only be answered by most people after a long thought.

Why Do I Forget Things Instantly

Conversely, emotions can also cause gaps in the memory. Anyone who has just had a fight with their partner or is worried about grandmother’s health is full of thoughts and that can make the ATM PIN take a back seat.

So it doesn’t necessarily have to be emotional, which overlaps the concentration. If I have an important appointment or a meeting in mind, but also are under pressure on ten other tasks, the brain sets priorities. In this case, too, the PIN is not necessarily at the top of the list.

Chemistry And The Spelling Reform

Why Do I Forget Things So Easily

It is different with the classic blackout as we know it from exams. If, during a written exam, there is one formula hidden in the memory that could always be reliably called up during exam preparations, it is mainly due to chemical reasons and evolutionary. Humans are refugees. We are designed so that we can flee in a stressful situation, such as an exam. This leads to an adrenaline rush. And under stressful situations, it is much more difficult to remember individual things.

And how is that you suddenly can not remember where you are or what your child’s name is? This is often simply due to the uncertainties associated with the spelling reform.

But can it be a sign of Dementia? People often visit doctors when they start forgetting things that are easy to remember and it should be encouraged because in some cases it can be Dementia. Treatment is possible in the case of pathological changes in the memory. The best part is that it will be recognized early and can be treated accordingly.

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