There are so many different ways in which you can use conditioner in your day-to-day life, so check out 8 of these crazy uses of conditioner.

The Internet is filled with hacks that have been making life easier with one step at a time. These hacks have made our lives so much easier than before and we are able to do so much more with very little effort.

Certain hacks help us in understanding the multiple uses of things that we’ve already been using for ages. One of those items is conditioner. It has been a life saviour for many who have super-frizzy hair and just don’t know what to do with it. Which basically means, everyone.

However, do you know that there are tons of other things that you do and solve with the help of a little conditioner? There are so many factors about this super-moisturizing creams that make it an absolute must-have in the storage. You can smoothen out your frizzy ends or can even go ahead and give yourself a smooth shave. All can be done and achieved with help of a little bit of condition and we decided to just count it out for you.

1. As A Shaving Cream

source: Good Housekeeping
source: Good Housekeeping

One of the most widely-known uses of Conditioner is shaving cream. One just can’t shave without a shaving cream and use a conditioning shaving cream is always a much better option to go for. Which is why people have been using this substitute for the longest time now. Even after you’re done with shaving, the moisturising aspect of conditioner would keep your legs and arms feeling smooth and ultra soft.

2. Removing A Bandage

How many times have you been stuck with an ultra-regressive bandage that just doesn’t want to come off your skin? Simply using a bit of conditioner on the edge of the bandage would make it peel off easily without a lot of pain and effort.

3. Remove your stuck ring

source: TipHero
source: TipHero

If you are stuck with a ring stuck on your finger and don’t know of anything to get it out, then use a bit of conditioner. Try to rub the conditioner all around the ring and even under it, and it would easily come out.

4. Squeaking Doors

There’s nothing as annoying as a squeaking door, so put an end to your misery and simply apply a bit of conditioner on the squeaky hinges of your door. The voice will be gone in no time. This is known to be one of the most amazing uses of conditioner.

5. Moisturising Your Baths

source: Irish Examiner
source: Irish Examiner

We all know what happens when we spend too much time in a bath, we are left with an extremely dry skin. In order to stop this from happening, drop a little conditioner in your tub and make your baths conditioning. Plus, help your body in retaining its moisture.

6. Prevent Rust

If you want your tools from gathering rust all over them then apply a thin layer of conditioner on them. The same can be done to every other item that could get rust. Doing this helps in absolutely eliminating the chances of getting any rust on your beloved items.

7. Cuticle Cream

source: Health | HowStuffWorks
source: Health | HowStuffWorks

If you’re suffering from dry cuticles and need a hack that works amazingly then get yourself conditioner and start applying it on your cuticles. A small amount of it would work wonders for your problem and can help you in eliminating it for forever.

8. Shine Your Stainless Steel

The next time you’re planning to buy a stainless steel cleaner put the plan on hold. One of the greatest uses of conditioner is its ability to making things shine. Put a bit of it on a piece of cloth and start shining up your stainless steel appliances with it, like usual. You would end up with items just like new, in a matter of minutes.

So, which one out of these are you going to start with?

Jyotsna Amla