This Indian Couple’s Wedding At Burj Al Arab Is Nothing Short Of A Fairytale Wedding

Indians are possibly popular for two things in the world, the first being their lip smacking food choices and second being The Big Fat Indian Weddings.

We are popular for our elaborated 10-day wedding event with bazillion guests who are enjoying some hundreds of rituals and one fine dinning experience. Every Indian wedding is a festival of itself, but when you come across something like this, the entire experience is out of this world.

Meet Vivek Bhatia and Shruti, an Indian couple who got married at Dubai’s iconic seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel. The place looks nothing short of a fairy tale, whose lead actors are this real life couple in love. The wedding was managed and planned by a Dubai-based event company, Event Chic Design, who posted the details of the grand wedding on their Instagram page and we are super jealous. The couple got married at the terrace of this seven-star attraction which opened last year and offers one of the best views of Dubai.

Watch all the photos and videos here:










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4 January 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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