This coronavirus quarantine time is something that we all have wanted at some point or the other in our lives, and now that we’ve gotten it we don’t know what to do? Most of us are getting bored as heck, others are being made to do more than the necessary amount of work from home and then some are just wasting every single day doing nothing. So, to save you from the guilt of doing nothing, we have mapped out 8 fun and interesting things to do during quarantine.

The quarantine can be stressful especially when you don’t know when it will all end, plus there’s tons of news being thrown out at you which not pleasant, always.

One can deal with this situation in two ways, either worry about each and everything that is happening or start indulging in activities that make them feel good. Because enjoying and having fun in small things is something that can keep us sane in this horrid situation.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right down on fun things to do during quarantine, alone or with family.

1. Get Back To Your Hobby

Things to do in quarantine

We all have a hobby that we had to put off in order to adhere to your work and fast-paced life, but now is the time to get back to it. Be it reading, singing or drawing, indulge in a hobby that calms you and takes you to your happy and helps in taking your mind off the news. This activity will not only bring you closer to something that you loved doing but would also be nostalgic in a way you never imagined.

2. Exercise

One of the best things to do during quarantine is to exercise and do some form of physical activity. We are spending our entire day either sitting or laying or eating which is why there are high chances of you feeling mentally and physically exhausted by the end of it.

Exercising and meditating will help you in clearing up your mind and in the end of it all, you’ll equip these two as hobbies that you would want to do every single day. So, start it now.

3. Learn Your Favourite Dish To Cook

what to do in quarantine

Cooking might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but every single person on this planet likes to eat and almost 99% would have a favourite dish or two that they can never get bored with. So, one of the things to do during quarantine is to simply master the art of making those dishes and be completely amazing at it.

By the end of this coronavirus quarantine, you should be able to make everyone fall in love with your cooked butter chicken, rajma chawal, pasta or anything else.

4. Learn A New Skill

We all have that one skill that we want to acquire and get good at, it might be learning to play an instrument or to cook or to dance, etc. Now, is the time to finally invest in that dream of yours and add another life skill to your portfolio. Who knows, you might turn out to be an excellent guitar player or Spanish speaker by the end of this.

5. Take Up An Online Course

what to do during quarantine

Now that you’ve planned to add a new life skill to your portfolio, why not try the same to your professional life? If there is a course out there that you feel is helpful to your profession and can open new and interesting avenues for you then you should definitely try it. There is so much to gain and then incorporate in your day to day work. You can also go for something which is completely different than what you are doing and want to do. At the end of this quarantine, you might have a new career path open for you.

6. Video Chat With Friends & Family

The best way of coping up with stress in your life is by surrounding yourself with people who you feel good around and these are usually your family, friends and loved ones. So what if you can’t physically meet them? You can totally video call them, play online and even organize a house party. These small steps help us in taking our minds away from all that is happening in the world and onto the good things that we’ve always looked forward to.

7. Look At Positivity Around You

home activities to do during quarantine

Yes, we understand that numbers are increasing every single minute and we tend to watch news 24X7 just to be updated on all that is happening around the world. But trust us, it’s not doing us any good. We’re constantly bombarding ourselves with information which will only result in panic and stress, so, rather than going for news, we would advise you to watch tv series, movies or even download TikTok if it helps. Just try to open yourself up to fun and happier content than something that triggers your brain.

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These were some of the things to do during quarantine that can take your mind off the negative things and eventually help make the entire situation even more bearable.

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