Introvert is a term which is often misunderstood by all of us. The common notion is that introverts are quiet, shy people who like their own company rather than being in a crowd and avoid social gatherings. Also, they don’t like people! So how to spot one? Here are the signs of an introvert personality. If the next time a person is not opening up to you, it doesn’t means he/she is not interested, maybe he/she is just an introvert personality.

How to Spot an Introvert | Signs of Introvert

Well, that’s not true at all. Introverts enjoy the company of others for a brief period and also have meaningful & deep friendships. However, too much of social interaction will be emotionally draining for the introverts and they will need alone time to recharge their emotional battery.  

To look at this from a different angle; while Extroverts gain energy by social interactions, the Introverts gain energy by their thoughts & perspectives. They do not need external sources of stimulation and quite confident of their own BEING. 

Many people confuse this term with shyness too which is wrong. Picture this: a shy person at a gathering will want to interact with others but won’t be able to do so, so he will sit quietly. Whereas, an introvert will interact with the group for a while however retract as it will be overwhelming for them. 

Signs of an Introvert Personality

  • They enjoy alone time. Their idea of a good time is usually spending it in their home over a book or some other hobby. Spending time with themselves helps them in regaining their energy.
  • They do have a small group of friends. Surprisingly, an introvert person wouldn’t contribute much in social interactions in large group however he/she will be the most talkative in their own close group of friends. They prefer to have 3-4 close friends with which they share a deep level of relationship. 
Introvert Signs

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  • Networking is cumbersome. If you hate the idea of having a small talk with random people in business gatherings as part of networking, chances are that you are an introvert. Reason being, random interactions without any defined aim is uninteresting for you. 
  • Distraction – Introverts get easily distracted in an environment where there is too much social activity with excess stimulation. They are better at doing monotonous tasks if it doesn’t involve interaction as opposed to extroverts who get bored easily.
  • Interestingly, an introvert usually struggles if he/she has to interact on a 1-on-1 basis with everyone in large groups but if it comes to addressing a group by giving a speech/lecture, they are pretty good. They can be excellent leaders because of this trait.
  • During the work meetings, brainstorming is something which is not liked by introverts. Their best thinking will occur only when they are in their space. So they can provide the most innovative solutions/ideas when they are being alone time to ponder, rather than an impromptu meeting.
  • Almost everybody must have faced this situation in their growing years. In school, whenever a teacher asks a question, the extroverts are the one who raises their hands. It’s not that the introverts know less, they just don’t prefer to be in the limelight even when they know the answer.
  • One of the most prominent signs of an introvert is that you can spot an introvert easily on a crowded metro station or a busy street; they will either have a headphone around their ears or reading a book. The idea is to avoid public interaction and feel comfortable in your zone. 
  • When it comes to choosing the option for communication, introverts prefer texting or emailing rather than talking on the phone. Speaking to somebody on the phone doesn’t give them much time to consider their options or gather their thoughts and that makes them uneasy.
Who are Introverts | Signs of Introvert
  • Living in your head. Introverts are quite creative & talented because their energy is directed inwardly. They think carefully about every aspect, spend a lot of time doing self-analysis. They find motivation in their own self rather than seeking it from others. 
  • Another one of the most prominent signs of an introvert is that they are great listeners. Because they do not like to talk unnecessarily, they listen to others and observe everything around them. When it comes to learning a new thing, extroverts may jump right in and try to perform a task by trial and error method, an introvert will watch others and learn through their actions and then practice it alone before showing it to the world. 
  • Introverts like to work independently because of obvious reasons. Jobs like Sales, client interaction, teaching are often dominated by extroverts while introvert prefers profession such as writer, graphic designer, artist, computer programmer etc. 

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Now you know about the signs of an introvert, so next time if you spot an introvert, do not jump to a conclusion that he/she is not interested in talking. Give them a little space. Allow them to open up to you. Do not feel bad if your introvert friend does not pick your call, they will call you back after gathering their thoughts or might text you. Remember, they are best at communicating because they think a lot before they speak. 

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