We took a closer look at what men want in a woman and found out what qualities the perfect woman should have that makes them irresistible. The perfect woman should have most of these 15 characteristics.

Most women will now ask themselves whether they have to exactly meet these characteristics to find a partner? Of course not, different people have different desires and that’s a good thing. You can be sure that your future partner will accept you as you are. We all have certain flaws and certain abilities that make us different from one another.

You should not worry about whether you are positive about everything in the checklist below because that is what the perfect woman should be like. And even when someone is perfect, our taste is not.

But if you’re curious about what men want in a woman, read here.

1. Honesty

Honesty | What Men Want In Woman

For most women, honesty is as important to a man as it is the other way around. Honesty is the top quality of a dream woman because women would expect honesty from their partner as well.

2. Humour

Humour | Couple Laughing | What Men Want In Woman

The perfect woman should have a good sense of humour. Laughing with your partner is something wonderful. Most men would agree to that because nobody wants to spend time with someone depressing.

3. Faithfulness

Faithfulness | Couple Holding Hand | What Men Want In Woman

Faithfulness is not only what men want in women but also women want their men to be faithful to them. Unless you prefer the concept of an open relationship, loyalty should be written in stone for you. In fact, loyalty can be considered a default trait in both men or women.

4. Intelligence

Intelligence | Women Reading Book

A smart woman who uses her head is very attractive to men. With an intelligent woman, good conversations are inevitable and it is guaranteed not to be boring.

5. Reliability


Men find the reliability of a woman as important as intelligence. At times, a man even wants to let himself go and be able to rely on his partner.

Reliability here does not mean that you do everything for him but it refers to being together through thick and thin with each other.

6. Empathy


A perfect woman also has the ability to put herself in the man’s shoes, understand his situation and support him. Women with this trait are almost perfect as this is what men want in a woman.

7. Sense of Family

Family Oriented | What Men Want In Woman

A perfect woman gets along brilliantly with the man’s family. The perfect partner and dream woman knows not only about the humour among the brothers, but also cares for the father and is like a daughter to the mother. A man would want this trait in his women.

8. Open and welcoming


The perfect woman is curious and open to discovering something new. She sees the glass half full instead of half empty and always receives new options and opportunities with open arms. With this trait, women can get along very well with people and are ideal partners.

9. Optimism


The perfect woman brings a good dose of optimism and cannot be beaten even in difficult times. She always finds new ways and sees the positive in everything. And the men love this quality in women.

10. Good manners

Good Manners

Good manners are the most basic trait that men want in a woman. Good manners are not only of great value, but the male gender also believes that the perfect woman should have this quality. It is also because the same manners will be transferred to their children.

11. Sportiness
Women Doing Plank

The dream woman par excellence is active and loves sports and outdoor activities, no matter whether its tennis, fitness or dancing.

Men are extremely enthusiastic about an active, sporty woman, but it is even nicer if they can do something together. Sometimes it is the woman who pushes his man to be fit.

12. Attention
Attention | Family Having Dinner Together

Men enjoy a woman’s undivided attention all the time, on a date or just at home. Of course, you shouldn’t stick to him all the time, but in combination with empathy, you should be able to understand when the man needs a little more attention.

13. Respect
Respect | What Men Want In Woman

The perfect woman is not only respected, but she also respects the man as he is because we all have our rough edges. Respect is extremely important for men and you need to show them that you respect his decisions. A partnership at eye level is essential.

14. Tenderness
Tenderness and Care

The perfect woman shouldn’t be afraid to be tender and soft at times. Intimacy is extremely important for the bonding and love in a relationship and this is what men want in a woman.

15. Shared conversations
Conversations | What Men Want In Woman

Whether serious issues or just nonsense. Men expect good conversations from the perfect woman. No matter what the topic, you should always encourage the exchange of ideas.

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Checklist: What Men Want In a Woman?

We believe that every woman has something very special about her that is not only lovable but also makes a man fall in love. Here is a checklist to find out how perfect is your woman. It is not a scorecard, it is just another way to know how lucky you are to have a perfect woman in your life. This may also help you find the love of your life because this is what men want in a woman.

1.. She says what she thinks.

2. She is funny and does not take every word negatively.

3. The perfect woman loves without ifs and buts, infidelity is a foreign word for her.

4. A dream woman is smart.

5. She is loyal.

6. The perfect woman is merciful and has a good heart for everyone.

7. She is a family person and gets along well with everyone.

8. She is open and curious.

9. She is optimistic and sees the good in everything and everyone.

10. A dream woman has good manners and knows how to behave.

11. She loves to be physically active and to do sports.

12. She is attentive and listens actively.

13. The perfect woman respects his opinion.

14. She is tender and seeks closeness.

15. She is communicative and interested.

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