8 Things She Wants, But Won’t Tell You

Over the years Bollywood has taught us that men are far romantic than women. Yet, everyone knows when it comes to expressing, men are not king of romantic gestures and expressions. I mean how often do you see a guy putting up an extremely romantic gesture for her girl? Not often. I thought so! We women are far more expressive and romantic. Hell! We are all about emotions, sentiments, little gestures etc. but we don’t like to say it out loud. After all, we don’t want anything that has been forced. We love to share our cheesy thoughts and romantic ideas, but it can be only self-confessed when men are willing to go to show that they care about us and our feelings.

So if you are trying to earn some extra brownie points in your someone special’s life and she is too hard to figure out. Note down these corny ideas that women actually want you to do more often, without even having to tell you. Guys get your head straight, it’s not about sex. These ideas will teach you to express better and you will be able to show her how you really feel about that special person which may signify some action later. Don’t get your hopes high though. There are other hormones too then just testosterone.

Here Is The List Of All The Corny Things You Can Do For Your Lady Love:

1. Write Her A Letter

Sounds old fashioned. Right? Yes, but women dig that and not on email,text message or chat, Write her on paper, with pen and then either post it or give directly to your lady love.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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This will be something new apart from usual routine and the fact that you took the pain of writing, Awww! it will make it more special for her. It will show that may be you are a bit less expressive but you can go out of your way to make her feel romantic. So dreamy right?

2. Call Her Cute Instead of Hot

Calling a girl sexy is so regular, every second hour men compliment women that they are sexy. When it comes to your girl compliments like ‘Cute’ and ‘Beautiful’ will win her heart for you. They sure do. Every woman in the world would love to be called beautiful any day instead of sexy.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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Tell her how cute she looks in her new dress, how beautiful her smile is or how cute her habit of saying what is etc. Compliment her in old fashion romantic way and don’t call her sexy, sometimes it’s more about impressing than wooing a lady heart.

3. Falling Asleep Together

Women love lying wrapped up in the arms of their partners, they love to burry their heads in their man’s chest and take in the faint scent. Everyone’s heart goes Oww! on this one. They love it.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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They find it soothing and it gives them a feeling of comfort and security. Lying together, feeling the bond, placing small kisses on the cheeks and falling asleep together. It is more romantic than you can imagine and falling asleep is sometimes better than the other alternate that starts with ‘F’.

4. Kissing Where She Least Expects It

Kisses are not always meant to be on lips, surprise her and by surprise we mean forehead, hand. These kissing gestures can make her feel endless love. By kissing on her forehead you let her know that how much you care for her and you are always there for her.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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By kissing on her hands you show how much respect you have in your heart and that you appreciate her presence in your life. These little things create the magic in your relation.

5. Going Long Distance Just To Make Small Talk

Ever surprised her by going all the way just to meet her and see that beautiful smile. If not, then you are missing an important phase of happiness in your relationship. Drive all the way just to see her.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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Let her know that you were missing her so much that it became the matter of life and death to you and you will see her smiling and throwing herself fearlessly into your arms. She will hold you like the end of the world and believe us that feeling is priceless.

6. Give Her Your Personal Silly Names

You know that only you have the rights to call her by any name or give any name and women love to receive the weird and crazy nicknames by their mates. She can be your baby, Poohie, Your Moochie, Your Shona, you’re anything and she will love it.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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Whenever you call her by those names she will seem cheerful and  will answer to you with undivided attention. It may sound stupid but women they even love how stupid but cute these pet names sounds. Anyways when it’s done in love it’s never stupid.

7. Recite A Poetry

Either write it or choose a romantic poet. Women love the world of words and if you are reciting a beautiful piece of writing for them, you score high time. True it is!  Try to select one which describes your relationship with her that way she will be more into you. It’s worth it.

Things She Want You To Do But Won’t Tell
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8. Remembering And Planning Important Dates

Yes, from ages it has been said that it’s women depart to remember the dates and time of any special occasion but if you will keep a reminder of some special days your lady will be sure that she is not in this relationship alone. It just makes women feel that men do care about relationship.

Image Source: imgbuddy.com
Image Source: imgbuddy.com

Dear men don’t do it because we are telling you to do so. Do it because you are a part of that relationship and your woman deserve it.

18 Nov, 2015
Avni S. Singh

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