Take a lesson from these ladies and give a right answer to all the creeps who are lurking in your DMs.

Okay, ladies. I’m pretty sure that all of you must have been through a situation like what I’m going to explain to you. How many times have you been graced with something that you never really ever wanted to get? Almost daily, no? And, a large part of it comes from the ever so huge of the Internet. Be it you FB messenger or the DMs in your Instagram or even the chats on your Tinder, it seems that the world is just full of assholes and somehow, you’re able to meet the guys belonging to only this category.

They will send in creepy messages and try to say some of the most absurd thing possible or even send you an unsolicited D*ck pic when all you could have wanted was a simple hi, or a majority of the time, not even that. And, this absurdity is not only limited to the realms of the Internet, when you step out of your door, there’s the concept of catcalling that follows you and once again make you feel like the world is full of assholes.

And, while a majority of people would advise you to just ignore this person and move on with life, you and I both know that these dumb men can’t process the concept of ignoring, and a burn or a comeback is all that they get. There have been times when you have to send or give a strict answer to them, and they just go blank.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a handful of solid comebacks to all the creepy messages and catcalls then we have a list for just that.

#1 comeback 1

#2comeback 7

#3comeback 4

#4comeback 15

#5comeback 2

#6comeback 5

#7comeback 3

#8comeback 6

#9comeback 8

#10comeback 10

#11comeback 9

#12comeback 11


#14comeback 14

comeback 12

So, now you know what to do the next time an absurd text or an unsolicited dick pic comes your way.

source: BoredPanda

15th September 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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