Finding the right perfume for someone else can be a bit of a challenge. It does not only depend upon your taste and liking but mostly upon the person, you are gifting it to. We’ll tell you here how you can best find a successful gift.

How to find a suitable perfume as a gift

Fruity, spicy, woody, or floral, it is not always easy to give your partner, friend, or a family member a fragrance that they also like. Our tips will make your next perfume purchase easier.

Perfumes are a matter of personal taste and smell. What someone likes, the other may not like at all. When you are gifting perfume, set aside your own favorites. You need to take into account what the person likes as well as their personality. If you want to be on the safe side, just buy someone else’s favorite perfume. Though this could give the impression of being very attentive or a little uncreative.

How to find a suitable perfume as a gift
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You can also find out the fragrance of your favorite perfume and get advice from a perfumery about which perfumes have a similar composition and thus meet the taste of the other.

Another cheap yet efficient trick is to browse inconspicuously in the bathroom of the person for whom the perfume is intended. Check to see if the creams or body lotions have a specific fragrance. Then orient yourself on it and choose a perfume with a similar note.

In theory, certain scents match certain types of people. If you browse through the perfumery, you can also be influenced by the look of the bottles. Perhaps a particular shape or name of a perfume suits the person you want to please a lot.

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You can also be particularly creative and try to make your own perfume. No matter which fragrance you choose, the recipient will appreciate your effort. If you are completely unsure of which fragrance the other prefers, choose fresh rather than heavy, intense fragrances. Most people prefer light perfumes.

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Gift along with the perfume gift

Before giving away a perfume that you are very unsure about and which then gets dusty in the bathroom cabinet, consider alternative ideas. A gift voucher to buy perfume is a little more impersonal than a selected perfume, but it can definitely make the other person happy. Most people prefer to choose their own perfume. It is different when you know each other’s favorite perfume. In that case, you can also buy the matching body lotion. Get along for a joint shopping trip where you take them to purchase the perfume. So you spend time together with the recipient and are guaranteed to find the right taste.

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