Perfumes aren’t cheap (well, if you are not buying the local ones), they make a huge hole in our pocket, however, they do spice up the whole aura of a person. Who doesn’t like to smell delicious? A good waft of fragrance states more than you know.

Every woman knows the value of good a perfume. It may cost a fortune but it also plays an important role in making an impression. Well, if you want to save your favorite bottle of fragrance and use it a little longer, there are some genius hacks that can help you.

Here Are Some Perfume Hacks That Can Make It Last A Little Longer Than Usual.

1. Never Store It In A Bathroom Or A Warm Place.

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The ideal place to keep your perfume bottle is your vanity room. The heat, light, and humidity actually lessen the quality of the fragrance of your perfume. So why to waste that bottle? Also, make sure you keep that bottle away from windows.

2. Rub Vaseline.


When you apply perfume on the pulse points, rub vaseline beforehand. The oily texture of the ointment will lock the fragrance and will make it last longer.

3. Apply Unscented Lotion.


Do not spray perfume onto dry skin, moisturize it with an unscented lotion and then apply it. All the oily products retain fragrance longer and lock the scent.

4. Timing Is Everything.

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Do not save the perfume ritual for later. As soon as you step out of the shower, spray perfume. The moisture on your skin will make it last longer and it will also prevent your clothes and expensive jewelry from getting stained.

5. To Know The Target Pulse Point Is Important.

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This is the most important perfume hacks of all. You need to focus on warm areas of your body while spritzing perfume. They diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. Apply it on your wrist, inside your elbows, on your neck, below your midriff, behind your knees, on your ankles and calves.

6. Spray In Air For Lighter Fragrance.

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If you don’t want to smell strong, then spray the perfume in the air and walk into the mist. It will distribute evenly across your body leaving you with a light fragrance.

7. Do Not Apply Perfume Directly To Your Hair.

If you want to apply perfume in your hair then do not apply it directly as you would risk damaging them. However, you can apply it to your brush and then comb your hair which will leave your hair scented without even damaging them.

Now that you know some of the most helpful perfume hacks ever. You are gonna save your time and money as well. Thank us later.

Avni S. Singh

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