The relationship that you share with your partner is lighter than the air that surrounds it. You guys don’t believe in mindlessly fighting with each other to prove that you love each other, and the concept of jealousy is something you both don’t like to indulge in. And, while a ton of your single friends complains about relationships all the time, you don’t really understand the problems because you have each other by your side.

Plus, on top of it all, you and your partner as a couple don’t fall in the realms of conventional couples stereotypes which comprises of overtly sexual couples, mushy couples, or the one who always fight.

You guys are the chilled out couple whose numbers on the category list might be low, but the love is high and everyone can feel it. There are tons of other great things that make you two the most chilled out couple and we’ve listed them out here.

1. You are less of lovers and more of best friends.

Shah Rukh Khan once said, “Pyaar Dosti Hai”, which translates to ‘Love is Friendship’ and we couldn’t agree more with SRK on this. And, you two are exactly the best friends you love each other, trust each other and crave for each other’s company more than ever.

2. You have an individual social life.

Yes, you both spend a significant amount of your time with each other or at least talking to each other, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have a social life outside your inner circle. Both of you have your personal life too and this includes partying, going out and enjoying with your friends – minus – your partner.

3. You’re okay with no PDA

You don’t constantly have to hold hands in public to make people aware of your togetherness, in fact, you prefer to go crazy in public more than PDA-ing.

4. Your friends often come to you for relationship advice.

What you two have is different than what people usually have, when they’re in relationships. Which is why a majority of your friends come rushing to you two whenever something goes south in their love life because they know that you will always have a more trustworthy solution to the problem.

5. Your friends love your partner.

Very rarely do close friends like their friend’s partners due to all the change that the person brings in their friend. However, it’s not true in your case. In fact, your partner’s friends completely adore you and love to hang out with you too.

6. There are no awkward silence moments between you two.

Relationships can take a weird turn sometimes and this might relate to some ups and downs, however, you go through all of this with open arms and love in your heart. This has made you and your partner enjoy every little moment, even when you’re chatting up all night, or saying nothing.

7. You don’t have to text each other at ALL TIMES!

There are couples who love to text each other all throughout the day and while it might be interesting at the start, considering all the things that you have to tell them. However, slowly and steadily it start fizzing out and that’s exactly the time when couples start drifting apart but that’s not the case with you two. You’re not bound to text each other immediately after receiving one from either side and the best part, you understand the fact of life that the other person might be busy.

8. You love spending time with each other, even you don’t have something to do.

There are so many exciting things in the world to do, but the true beauty of a real chilled out relationship lies in how brilliantly they handle each other when they’re doing nothing. Yet, loving and admiring each other’s company.

So, how lucky you’re to find each other in this life and enjoy each other’s company?

Jyotsna Amla

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