Gone are the days when exchanging glances or locking eyes were the first step to fall in love and find your soulmate. No! We are not saying this but this new idea of finding a soulmate through your body odour suggests that clearly. Yes! If you are having a hard time believing what you just read then stay calm till you read the whole information.

Apparently the virtual world is not only taking over our social life but also ready to rule our love life with the new idea of falling in love with the aroma of your special person. Smell Dating is the first of its kind, it is a mail odour dating service. This new service has been created by an experimental digital art group, Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne of Useless Press.

Now let’s get to the part how Smell Dating works, the service helps singles to exchange their three-day worn T-shirts, that too without any deo (Major Ewww!!) and choose a T-shirt solely based on their body odour of the other individual. They do not disclose the sex and age of the person. I guess they have taken “Love is blind” way too seriously and improvised it into Love is odorous or odourless.

However, if you put the idea of smell with Love is in the air, it may sound appropriate to you. Well, it may not be a problem with any part of the world but duh huh! We are Indians and we are all about spices. Now imagine the aroma of all the Indians without any deo from the different region. Little Tip: Do not hold that thought you might puke.

 So How It’s Gonna Work For Us?

Well, we are not judging if you want to try it out. Maybe for some Indians this idea will work out and if you believe it then go ahead, try it out. After all who are we to come between you and your soulmate. Goodluck!!

1 March 2016
Avni S. Singh

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