Love. This simple yet all-encompassing, consummate but emotive four-letter word is the antidote to hate. It’s the one single factor that defines us and our roles in this universe. You’ve heard seen real-life stories and instances where people have made one another’s life beautiful all thanks to love. You’ve seen romantic movies on the screen that have made you feel differently about this feeling. Fans feel it when they see their idols on the screen: whether it’s a Lionel Messi, Taylor Swift or, Monica Bellucci.

Shakespeare has written about it, Romeo & Juliett lived for it and, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan personified it on the screen to utter perfection, time and again. But perhaps, nothing could suffice this amazing real-life story that’s been creating so many ripples around the world.

Just a month back after their profound love blossomed online, through popular social media platform- Facebook- 30-year-old Alex Musk proposed to his beloved Samm Sexton, a simple 29-year-old from the United States. The problem between these two impassioned lovers simply was that they were miles apart from one another. Samm Sexton shares a common love with her real-life love- and it may be one of the cutest things you may have ever heard: a shared love and passion for dogs.

You may have heard the popular saying: true love knows no boundaries, haven’t you? So, it was only customary to expect the love between the two to work its magic and make the two people eschew the boundaries existing between. But the most impressive part of this love story of Sam and Alex that blossomed developed online was that of their pets. Wonder why dogs and cats and other pets are often so underplayed?

It so happened that both Samm and Alex had the same pet dog: Boston Terriers. And not only that, both had named their pets Lola. Could it have gotten uncannier than this? So understanding this simple albeit cute story, the only thing that one can suggest is to perhaps alter the way another famous quote goes. Matches are made in heaven. No sir, not always. They are made on social media, such as Facebook!

How else could anyone possibly summarise this incredible besotted affair? And so, when the two finally met with love taking control, Alex would pop the question, but not before going down on his knees. The day was a recent wonderful evening at the heart of the United Kingdom. The venue was Leeds, West Yorks.

The two- Samm and Alex- had travelled together there to spend some romantic time together. It was meant to be a fantastic, cosy picnic with the togetherness between the two being the most sensational background. Sam was, simply over the moon when Alex asked her out. Who wouldn’t? Isn’t that what any girl would want, nothing more than a caring and pure guy- the man who can watch her back, the lover who can express and emote.

Soon, after the romantic entanglement on that beautiful day in the United Kingdom, Sam would fly back to the United States- her usual home, before she moves again to be with Alex in the UK. And her feelings about her true love of life are simply heart-melting and purely candid.

“I was beyond excited when Alex asked me to marry him – it just felt so right.

“During the time we were apart we’d talk all day every day. In his lunch break, he would call me and then we were in constant contact,” Samm said.

The call centre worker flew back to the US on Thursday but is hoping to get a visa to stay in the UK permanently.

Bolstered by the support of her friends and family, ever an important factor for a girl especially in a love relation, Samm was enthused by the warm support those around her extended. It made her confident and feel secure about the ‘big’ step she was taking in her life. And, in the end, everything seemed to have worked out fine.

The impassioned lover, also shared the following and these are indeed, among the sweetest things you’d hear:

“He was everything I’d hoped he’d be. It was amazing to get my arms around him finally.

“When he proposed I wasn’t too surprised. I knew it was coming but I thought it was amazing.

“As for moving from the US to the UK, I’m excited about it. It will be a huge difference but it’s one I’m ready for.

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