Hola people. In a world where casual relationships are taking over an emotional long-lasting connection, there are still some old souls who want to stay together for forever. We admit they are rare to spot among other people but they haven’t extinct yet. Some couple fights hard to grow together and find solace in each other without having to look for other options.

Those who literally believe in commitment and surrender themselves to be of each other. True love, is it? Well, owing to the fact that there is no allocated explanation of true love, perhaps this is the closest definition we have right now is, ” true love is when people refuse to give up on each other”. It may sound unbelievable but deep down almost everyone wants a relationship that stands as hard as a rock.

However, over the period of time, we have forgotten the ways through which we could make a relationship work for longer period.

1. They Get To Bed Together!

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No, we are not necessarily talking about having sex every night. We are talking about jumping into bed at the same time. This one little thing keeps you happy. Just resist the temptation to go to bed at different times and cuddle for a minute or so. It will bring you closer.

2. Work Out Your Differences And Strengthen Common Interests.

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source: HBO

The passion between you two won’t last long, so you need to have some common grounds to get the things going. Some substance should be there in between you two other than just emotions and lust. If you don’t have a common interest then develop it. Yeah, all the happy couples in the world have differences, yet they find something common so that they can cherish it together. However, you both need not to stop embracing your individual interest as it will make you too dependant on each other.

3. They Trust and Forgive.

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Trust is the foundation of every happy relationship. You may disagree over somethings but just try to deal with it. When you argue, rather than stretching the topic simply try to understand and forgive. Don’t catch up in the anger of the moment. Move past mistakes and flaws.

4. Focus On Rights Rather Than Wrong.

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When you focus on wrong you tend to notice all the negative things about them. Try to focus on rights, that’s the mature approach towards a relationship. One of the most promising attributes of happy couples is a positive attitude towards each other.

5. They Never Back Off From Checking On Each Other!

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Everyone is busy but you need to make a little time for each other. Make sure you both check on each other at least twice a day. Call each other to ask how is their day going. Ask if he/she wants to have ice cream or wine tonight. Plan small meeting or dates to keep things intact.

All of these little things can make a huge difference in your relationship and bring you closer. Make sure the relationship is not bonded over sweet little attraction or else trying all these things won’t work. A strong bond can sustain everything.


20 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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