Aha! Kissing. Lip locking. Smooch. Most people are fascinated by those moments of intimacy and the kisses, but not all of them. Unbelievable isn’t it? There are many more non-gullible fascinating kissing facts that may not have occurred even in your faintest dreams and yet are scientific facts.

Did you know there’s whole lot of science around the kissing that goes? It’s called philematology. Here we are with 10 such unknown scientific facts about kissing to add a different spark to your kissing.

Unknown Scientific Facts About Kissing

1. It takes muscle power for kissing. As much it is fun, kissing takes your muscle power too. Not just the 34 muscles in your face, it takes additional support of another 112 muscles from the body posture. Going with the British research, so many muscles around your mouth are involved in the kissing that it’s a great facial workout.

2. It has the chemical power. Have you ever heard people talk about a ‘good chemistry’ between the two? One of the kissing facts is that scientifically good chemistry is reflected with kissing. And the chemical that makes one feel sparked with kissing is ‘dopamine’. And, if you recall this dopamine is the one that creates those spikes after having cocaine. Oxytocin is another chemical which is released while kissing when the person is important to you. Ensure to continue kissing your partner through all ages and you’ll not fall short of oxytocin to keep you alive and connected.

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3. It alleviates stress and increases happiness level. Amazing, isn’t it. Try kissing in your moments of stress as an antidote. And, it works! Thanks to the human mechanism where kissing decreases the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ and increases the happiness hormone ‘serotonin’. Boost your mood for a happy relationship, that’s one of the couple facts.

4. Adds strength to your relationships. Levende Waters quoted that, “A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time.” Yet another ancient proverb says that, “Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.” These quotes reflect upon the relationship facts highlighting what kissing can bring to couples in terms of togetherness. Studies even show that the couples who kiss regularly live five years longer than those who don’t.

5. Kissing adds to your immunity. Swapping spit during the kiss swaps the bacteria too. But there’s an amazing couple facts associated to it. The more external bacteria you are exposed to, the stronger will be your potential immunity to fight alien bodies within your body.

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6. Sexy way to burn those extra calories. Gosh, it takes one minute of jogging on a treadmill to burn 11.2 calories. A passionate kiss can burn around two calories in a minute. That’s real smart!!

7. Get the sparkling teeth. A good going couple fact is that the extra saliva during a good wet kiss does sufficient work of washing off the bacteria from your teeth. This helps breakdown the oral plaque deposits making your teeth shinier. And this directly impacts the cavities that you may develop. This doesn’t infer that brushing can be replaced by kissing after meals.

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8. More good to your health. Not only does it strengthen your immune system, it is known to relieve aches and pains, lowers blood pressure, boosts self-esteem and more.

9. Easy test for Sexual compatibility. One of the interesting relationship facts pertaining to kissing is that it can help you assess your partner. Whereas women look for a strong immune system in the guys they kiss, the men are inclined on testing the estrogen levels of their mate. A good kiss exhibiting good chemistry may even indicate that the DNA compatibility will bless you with healthy offspring.

10. It transfers millions of bacteria too. Studies show that a 10-second kiss is capable of transferring 80 million bacteria. Awestruck? Don’t’ worry so much as another related fact is that most common type of bacteria in your mouth are harmless creatures. In fact, a larger proportion of these bacteria are of those protecting you against disease-causing microorganisms.

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You don’t have to become a living thesaurus with the science of philematology (simply ‘kissing’) by knowing all these facts about kissing. Explore some for yourself without using brains.

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