Follow These 3 Rules On Your First Date To Make It Phenomenal!

First dates make you feel collywobbles every time. No matter how many first dates you have had in past it is bound to give you jitters as no one really tried to give you the much-needed dating advice. Now you will read tons of articles where the guy is advised to keep his game intact owing to the fact that society thinks that only men stress about making a first impression and women know it all. BUZZKILL! Women too get worried, A LOT!

Follow These 3 Rules On Your First Date To Make It Phenomenal

There is no such thing as defined and golden rules when it comes to dating but sticking to the basics make it easier. Being a woman who is going on a first date with a guy who she really likes means, overthinking about everything. The mind runs in multidimensions, from clothes to make-up, from shoes to fragrance from chitchat topics to what should I order. Now apart from all, getting ready is the most crucial one.

So here are 3 rules that will help you get ready for your first date.

1. Pick Up Clothes That Are Comfortable.

Being carefree is the key. Wear something that allows you to be your beautiful self. When you won’t feel conscious inside, you won’t be conscious outside. You will be able to laugh, talk and pay attention to him wholeheartedly.

2. Don’t Go With 6 Inches Of Heels Just To Glam Up.

High heels can really make kill your entire mood. If you are not comfortable wearing them, then DON’T. They will make everything worse as you won’t be able to take them off and get stuck. It will ruin the whole evening (or lunch) for you and him as well.

3. Go With Natural Make-up

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Make-up is essential and not wearing it will make you appear as an ill person. So, wear the minimal amount. Guys hate when a girl just overdoes makeup just to impress him. They like it natural. Look fresh, and highlight your eyes and lips. If needed you can use a little bit of concealer.

There, it is easy, all you have to do is flush out all the unnecessary thoughts that are scaring the hell out of you. Just be your comfortable self and the first date will be your pro game.

Do let me know how was it! Toodles!

9 October 2017
Avni S. Singh
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