There is so much said and written about “signs to look for if a guy likes you”, however, guys too want to know if a girl likes them or not. But, what are the signs, how to decode this question when we all know that it’s almost impossible to know what goes on in a girl’s mind?

Well, it isn’t wrong to state that women to have a pattern when it comes to affection or love. They tend to behave in a way but they are too smart to let you know until they really want you to know. Like, guys, they don’t drop subtle hints unless they are sure that the guy likes them too, owing to the fact that they are very bad at handling rejections.

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The problem is that they can be wrong, so if you are majorly crushing on a girl or want to date a girl and are confused if she likes you or not, here are some signs you should look out for.

1. Her behavior is suddenly changed and she is all awkward around you. She has no idea what she talks around you. She starts playing with her hair, phone or a pen in her hand and she kept blushing softly.

2. She never leaves a chance to communicate with you. She has even started fighting with you and that too a lot. She never leaves you alone (as much as possible). She has started making mean and silly jokes about you to get your attention. She may not accept it but she actually likes you a lot more than she knows.

Susana Ramírez
Susana Ramírez

3. She gets disappointed and hurt for the reasons you probably have no idea about. When you don’t try to comfort her, it annoys her even more. She expects a lot from you and want you to take care of her but won’t come and ask for it.

4. She laughs at everything you say. When you are not even funny, she finds you amusing. She has recently become the true and loyal audience of your lamest jokes.

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5. When she is with you, she behaves as a normal friend but as soon as she gets home. She tries to start texting with you and she flirts. It’s like there is two version of hers and that becomes hard to keep up with.

6. She tries to spend alone time with you. The group hangouts are cool but she somehow finds a way to catch you at the time when no-one is around. Even when she does that, she behaves like a normal friend only to hide her feelings from you.

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7. She actually looks at you with puppy love eyes. There is a sexual tension and you can sense it but you can’t ask because she is clearly in denial. She is super attracted to you and it’s written all over her face.

8. She acts super jealous when you talk to other female friends. She makes sure that you notice how bad is she feeling. She kept staring at you for no reason and when you ask, she acts pricey as if nothing happened.

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9. She has become your wall recently. She trusts you blindly, she defends you, helps you, always stays there for you when you need a friend and always and always tell you that she is always gonna be there for you.

If a girl does all that, you better man up and make the first move. You might get a date for your Valentine’s day and it’s better to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with someone than alone.

Avni S. Singh

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