When you meet a potential partner on a first date, all you get to know how do they appear, how emotionally strong they are, if they have brains or not, about their family, friends, and job but one thing that cannot be known just by meeting them is – how are they in bed (unless you both are head over heels for each other and end up in bed that same night). Well, you can’t just presume about it, can you?

The simple fact that we all want to know about it makes it even difficult because let’s just admit the truth that sexual compatibility matters, and not for few but for all (If you aren’t asexual). So how will you solve this puzzle?

What if we told you that there are few non-sexual things that can bring you the answer to this question? Won’t it be amazing? So brace yourself, because we have a list that you need to remember if you really want to know if your potential partner is good in bed or not.

1. Horse Riding Ability.

source: etonline
source: etonline

As hilarious as it may seem to you, the truth is people who can ride horses are said to be good in bed. So when you go out on a date next time, do remember to ask them if they have ridden or they could ride a horse or not.

2. Honesty.

source: Bustle
source: Bustle

First thing first, if your date is honest it’s an amazing quality and it turned out that “honesty isn’t only the best policy but also a quality that is found in people who are tiger/tigress in bed”. What more could you wish for?

3. Confidence.

source: allocine
source: allocine

Nothing is as impressive about a person as his/her confidence. When people are confident they know what they want in life similarly such people also know what they want in bed and how to get it. So if you see that swag dripping out of their sleeves, you can be sure that they will rock your world in bed.

4. Music Instrument Players.

Musical Instruments

If a person knows how to play any musical instrument, they are believed to be one of the most amazing people in bed. If they can work their hands to create music, they can work their body to make a sex session steamy.

5. If They Have Some Moves Up Their Sleeves.

People who know how to shake their legs on dance tunes surely know their moves during sex. The ability to move their body on beats is an indication that they will keep you happy with their sexual technique.

6. Yoga People.

Yoga Doggie Style is called Doga

Do we need to tell you that people who practice Yoga regularly are super flexible? They can try positions you would have never imagined in your dreams plus they have a lot of stamina which is a solid proof that they will be amazing in sex.

7. Good Listeners.

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A person who will lend you his/her ears and listen to you carefully will always want to know about your likes and dislikes. A good listener will always take care of your needs in bed. Basically, you will never have to worry about your orgasms.

Aren’t’ you feeling on the top of the world right now? Now, all you have to do is simply observe and you will know if your date will be a rabbit in bed or a tortoise.

Avni S. Singh

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