Hello, People! Being an optimistic person in good faith, I hope that all you couples are still passionately in love which each other. After all, a great writer once said that In the end, it’s Love that saves us all but today’s relationships are harder than we know. Between a fast paced life, keeping up with our career, family, desires and ambitions, we miss out on a little but a very important thing called trust.

Trusting your partner can be tricky, I mean take it on a lighter note but there are things you just can’t help doing that can immensely affect your relations with your loved one. Especially, when it comes to us ladies, we have a fragile trust as we love so devotionally. But every once in while we need to sit back and think that some lies shouldn’t be bothering you as much as you let them. Why? Simply because they are white lies and has been spoken without any intentions of hurting you.

So Ladies, Buckle Up The Emo-Vehicle Because I Am Gonna Tell You About 7 Lies That Your Boyfriend Tells You And Remember They Are Totally Unharmful.

1. Work Is Killing Me

Work Is Killing Me
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Well, guys are usually not good when it comes to multitasking, so when you want those extra minutes during his working hours. He probably uses work as his shield because you can’t just argue upon that. (Let That Poor Lad Get Away With This One)

2. Cuddling Is My Cup Of Tea

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Well, I hate to break it to you but nah! Your guy is not into cuddling as much as you are. Why? Well, imagine a hurting shoulder, hair all over your face, a boner and a constant thought of getting into your pants… Tough Situation Right? Well, he just says it because you love it and it makes you feel special which is just sweet.

3. Nothing Is On My Mind

image source: pickywallpapers.com
image source: pickywallpapers.com

Either he is having one of those moments where he is just getting lost in his world of imaginations. Wondering about nothing and everything at the same time can be relaxing and every once in awhile we all have those moments when we think about something that’s not important to talk about. So Be Cool!

4. I Don’t Check Out Other Women!

image source: chaostrophic.com
image source: chaostrophic.com

Well, yeah that one is just a hoax. Of course he checks out other women but that doesn’t makes him unfaithful. Having a good look at beauty is not a crime after all and I bet that you turn your gaze on to a hot guy too. So yeah he is not cheating on you but he won’t admit that he checks out other women just because it annoys you.

5. You Don’t Look Fat!

You Don't look fat
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Have you heard that when a person loves you, his or her mind automatically avoid the flaws and makes you look most beautiful or handsome. So, yeah that’s true and also he probably has no idea but he will always say no because he can’t win an argument after saying you do or I don’t know.

6. Taking Things Slow Is Good

image source: livescience.com
image source: livescience.com

A study states that men fall in love with a woman just in 3 days. So dear women, no he is not interested in taking things slow, don’t mind but, he would jump right into bed but he wouldn’t because he respects your personal comfort and wouldn’t want you to think that he is interested only in bonning you. Know that he is taking things slow because of you.

7. I Would Never Lie!

I Would Never Lie!
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Well, first saying this makes you trust him more so he is anyways gonna say it and also, he is human and it’s impossible for a person to not lie ever. Unintentiolly, he will do that, not very often but sometimes and you have to understand that sometime you too do so.

22th March 2017
Avni S. Singh

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