7 Best Things You Should Do To Attract A Woman!

These Things Will Help You To Charm A Woman On Your Next Date!

It’s practically impossible to know what goes on a woman’s mind. There are countless thoughts that cross a woman’s mind in a nano second, it’s almost like a tangled web but there are some things that are influential on every woman’s mind. To gain the attention of a woman, who is your desire, seems like a never-ending task and believe me it is, because you have to constantly put all kinds of efforts in the world but you must know, to have a relationship you have to start from scratch.

Although, some of the things are really out of our control but here are few things that you can do to attract a woman on your first meeting.

1. Smile And Hold Eye Contact.


If you are with a woman, make sure that you are smiling a lot rather than looking like an expressionless retard who has no idea what is going on. Look deep into her eyes and lock that eye contact. Believe me, these two things will stir things for good. You will appear confident and this will be a subtle clue for her that you are interested in her.

2. Speak Slowly And Keep Low Volume.

source: Indiatimes
source: Indiatimes
Why keep your volume low? Because a calming deep voice is very attractive to women. Make sure when you are speaking you words are not running to catch a plane. Speak slowly and in a husky voice, she will find it seductive. Captivate her attention with your communication skills.

3. Be A Good Listener And Give Her The Proper Attention.

image source: lovepanky.com
image source: lovepanky.com
Women love when a man listens to them with all ears. Don’t break your eye contact while listening to her and don’t forget to nod or speak a word or two in the response. Give her all the attention you want and you will be amazed to see how interested she has become in you.

4. Vanilla Questions Are Boring, Entice Them With Humour.

image source: www.rd.com
image source: www.rd.com
The same old pattern of, where you hail from? Where do you work? is not gonna lead you anywhere. make sure you are asking smart questions dipped in your exclusive sense of humor and if you don’t have one then work on it because women love a guy who can make her laugh.

5. Don’t Brag, Just Tell Her True Stories.

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image source: cdn.wittyfeed.com
When you brag a lot, it speaks that you are needy and desperate. Son;t do it. Tell her the real things are stories about you. It may be hard to believe it but women still find Honest men attractive. Let her know who you are in real.

6. Be Relaxed And Comfortable

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image source: shutterstock.com
Your body language plays a major role in your impression. Make sure that you are not fidgeting or looking like a cooker who is under pressure. Do not cross your arms while talking to her. Just lean back and stay calm, you will get through this happily. Make yourself comfortable or else everything won’t work out as planned.

7. Express That You Desire Her.

Women more forgiving towards attractive men

Women find it very attractive when they feel they are being desired by another man. Make sure that you appear as the perfect combination of sexy, cute, charming and decent. She will not be able to resist you. Don’t apologize for saying anything (don’t make an offending statement). Be the guy who knows what he wants.

Implement these things on your next date and it will be amazing. However, it completely depends on her mood because about that, nobody in the world could do anything but if she is there will no previous assumptions, you will definitely have a second date with her.

21 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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