Hola People. Emotions are essential, be it any person in this world, no one is immune to feelings and emotions, even the most cold hearted person in your life possess them. When it comes to a relationship, it is often said that men use brains while women use hearts which depicts that men are less emotional. But it’s not the case, they too have a heart that acts as stupid as any woman’s heart in this world. They feel deep but most of the men in the world are helpless when it comes o expressing because they have always taught to be the tough one among both the genders.

We know that guys talk about a lot of things in a relationship, but there are some spheres they don’t even touch just because those spheres fall under the emotional territory. I have seen guys who don double personality, one that feels and is dying to express and other that is too cool to care about anything. While they struggle between what they should do or say and what they shouldn’t, they often appear, detached. BUT THEY ARE NOT!

Here are such 5 emotional things that every guy want to have, in a relationship but won’t ask.

1. They Too Need TLC

Ladies, it’s not you only who needs to be taken care of. Men too want some tender care and love. He may not ask for it but he will love it if you can hug him tight often after he had a bad day or when he is not feeling okay. Pamper your guy for a change and you will see that he loves it too.

2. They Really Want You To Count On Them.

It may feel that whenever you fall in life, he is there because it’s his responsibility or it comes as a package for being in the relationship with you but believe me, he takes pride in being your support system. He loves that you value him enough to ask for solutions.

3. They Really Want To Do All The Boys Stuff With You.

Men do come for shopping and they love when you chose a dress of their their choice but as much as they like going on a date and spending ‘we’ time as a couple, they really want to spend ‘boys’ time with you. They are there to watch you favorite movie, go to your favorite restaurant but they also want you to watch a game together or drink beer together and all sort of other crazy stuff.

4. They Also Want To Show You Their Super Romantic Side.

When women make super romantic gestures, they are always appreciated but guys are shy at these things. They want to pour all the romance out of their heart but somehow they resist of doing so. Whenever he makes a small gesture that is romantic, show him how happy you are rather than calling it cheesy or cocky and you will get to see romance running all around you.

5. Surprise Gestures.

Dear ladies, men are real softies at heart. They may never accept it but they love when you kiss them when they least expect or say some words of appreciation all of a sudden or when you get naughty out of the blue. They simply love it and if you happen to do so next time, do notice that they blush too.

You weren’t expecting this, were you? Although, they do need space from time to time but they too love to spend time with you. They don’t spill their feelings often because that’s how they have always been taught to be. So love your man enough to bring out his inner child and you will find that he is as emotional as you are.

Stay Happy And In Love. Adios!

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