10 Problems Every Couple In A Long Distance Relationship Will Relate To!

Long Distance Relationship Aren’t Easy And These Problems Are So Relatable!

Hola People! Long Distance Relationship – Oh God these three words are heavy and the worst part is not saying them, living them is the worst kind of feeling in the world. Relationships are complicated but long distance relationship is an epitome of complication. No matter how hard you try or how many efforts you put in this relationship, it ends up hurting you most of the time.

But we never give up because love is worth keep fighting for. Here are some problems that people in a long-distance relationship will definitely relate to.

1. Dating Turns Virtual For You!

Long Distance Relationship
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Because you need that person with you every now and then but due to the distance it can’t be possible so, you opt for the next big thing – Virtual dates!

2. You Work On New Things To Keep Up The Spice!

Image Source: Giphy.com
Image Source: Giphy.com
All the relationships need new ways of thinking in order to maintain the spice but you have to do it a lot more than people in a normal relationship because it’s hard to maintain the same connection because of the long distance problem.

3. Alone Birthdays And Special Days Are A Regular Thing!

Long Distance Relationship

Where other couples celebrate their special days together you need to deal with the fact that you can’t be with your partner on birthdays and other important days…it’s saddening but that’s how it is and you can’t help it.

4. When You Guys Need Each Other It Sucks Not To Be Together!

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There are times when you really wish to be with your partner just because he/she needs you and your support but you know that it’s not possible and the feeling literally SUCKS!

5. You Have To Be Ignorant About Their Social Life!

Long Distance Relationship
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You aren’t there but there are people who they are roaming with or going out to chill and you see all the check-ins and status update which make you super jealous but….you learn to ignore all of them as you can’t be there but they have all the right to live their life.

6. No Matter Ho Much You Try People Won’t Believe You Are Committed!

Long Distance Relationship
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And the worst part is that they will try to hit on you because in their mind you are single. It becomes irritating!

7. You Keep Counting Days!


Long Distance Relationship
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Your calendar gets filled with lots of crossed boxes because you desperately wait for the date when you are gonna meet. Although it kills you to spend every single day without them but the thought of meeting them soon excites you!

8. You Learn The Value Of 5-10 Minute Call.

Long Distance Relationship
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Because you know how valuable time is to you and whatever little time you get to speak to each other you appreciate it as it builds the connection stronger.

9. You Understand The Value Of “Good Morning” and “Goodnight” Texts!

Long Distance Relationship
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You want them to be a part of your daily life so you begin and end your day with their thought and sending such texts makes them happy about it.

10. No Matter Whatever The Problem Is, You Know In end You Just Love Each Other!

Long Distance Relationship
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Although you face a lot of problems and struggle a lot to maintain the connection but you always make up because you love them.

So, if you can relate to these problems, then believe me my friend you are not alone. Keep your faith alive in love.

7 July 2017
Avni S. Singh
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