That one friend who always complains about not sleeping early and feeling dizzy the whole day may have got on your nerves but it’s only because you cannot relate to the fact even after all this he/she is awesome. Com’on, we all know you daydreamers are jealous of night owls as they are slightly better than you, plus they can actually sleep for only 4 hours and still work the entire day. Unlike you, they don’t have to get 8 hours sleep daily which means they have more hours in their sleeve to get the work done.

If you haven’t felt jealous before then we are sure that now you do. However, do not hate people who stay awake at night. They are awesome, yes, they are and no matter how much you try to avoid them, they will keep existing in your life one way or another.

So before you go on judging them here are some reasons you should know that make them one of the best people ever.

1. They Are More Creative.

We are not making it up. They of all people have the night to themselves which means less noise and all the calmness of the dark hours. Their brain works faster and in multiple dimensions, hence, they turn out to be more creative.

2. They Embrace Change

Unlike others, they are not afraid of change. They read things such as strings theories and time travel. They believe that anything in this universe is possible so they are open to accepting change.

3. They Are Generally Smart And Clever

The researchers have summed that people who are awake at night tend to have a higher IQ than others. Which means they are smart and clever that most of the people you know.

4. They Are Curious And Adventurous

Think about it, they have all the extra time on their hands, so they naturally seek more. They tend to dig things that are not known to everyone and they do not back off from knowing anything.

5. They Are The Master Of Multitasking

How do you think they get up in the morning and do all their work. They know how to get things done at one time.

6. They Work The Best Under Pressure And Never Fail To Meet Deadlines

What's Obstructing Your Performance In The Office According To Your Zodiac Sign!As a multitasker, they are super flexible, plus they do stay awake for hours at night to get the work done. They meet the deadlines everytime.

7. Being Alone Is Their Best Time

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Ever heard of solitude? Yeah, these people love to have all the time just to themselves and embrace it. They are not loners but are wanderers who like it better when no one is around.

8. They Are Better At Making Strategies

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Because all the great ideas they propose have come to them when they were sipping their late night coffee and they had enough time to rethink about them.

9. They Make One Of The Best Friends Ever

Is it so hard to understand that one person who helped you at 2 Am at the night is better than who didn’t even pick the call? They are always available for their friends, literally 24*7.

Now that we have changed your perception about these people. Go on and tell them how amazing they are.

Avni S. Singh

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