Each and every generation is considered to be more blessed than the previous one, however, the reality is that everyone is facing their own set of problems. Each and every generation is trying to overcome the problems their time brings for them, no matter how much technologically inclined your world is, in comparison to theirs.

We are far more depressed, stressed and leading a complicated life than the previous generations. But when everything else fails, believe in quotes and statements made by some really creative and amazing people to calm the storm in your mind.

After all, we’re also a generation that runs of mini-poems and quotes to describe our aesthetic to the world. Check out these 15 quotes about life.

1. Be who you want to be and don’t be afraid of being.

Quotes About Life

2. You do get better.

Quotes About Life3. People are lame and that doesn’t mean that you’ve to be too.

Quotes About Life

4. Be positive.

Quotes About Life5. Be a wise man.

Quotes About Life6. Everyone wants help.

Quotes About Life7. And, you need to survive it too.

Quotes About Life8. Always remember that.

Quotes About Life9. Remove that toxicity from your life.

Quotes About Life10. Be the rebel you want to be.

Quotes About Life11. Being a human is tough.

Quotes About Life12. It’s okay to be a bit crazy.

Quotes About Life13. Don’t follow the masses.

Quotes About Life14. Somewhere in it all, we lost our lives.

Quotes About Life15. Keep on going.

Quotes About LifeAren’t these quotes about life just the best thing ever? They speak the truth and state the reality, along with that, they also help you to cope up with it.

Jyotsna Amla

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