When you live under a roof, can afford two meals a day easily and have a budget of an average middle-class man then also you wish to have more but have you given a thought that about 1 billion people across the globe wish for what you have because they can’t afford food, shelter or medicines.

As much as we see the progress of the world every day, we all rich, upper-class or middle-class people focus on the growth of our own but there are people who sleep starving at night. It is a global crisis even the richest  countries have yet to eradicate poverty. Poverty is a bigger problem than making it a discussion on a political platform, pasting posters, posting hashtags or even this article.

It is a disease that affects our world on a global scale and creates economic inequality. you may have used this term in public but here are some startling facts about poverty that will make you step up against it.

These facts may shock you:

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13 August 2016
Avni S. Singh

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