Optical illusions are some of the freakiest things one can experience because it can mean different to different people and has no real connection in between. We all have come across by-products of this phenomenon which has divided us and almost created a war zone of some sort.

Who can forget The Dress which, in fact, became one of the biggest and most baffling optical illusion fights on the Internet? While for some the dress was white and gold, and for others, it was blue and black. The discussion about what the dress actually looks like is still a matter of concern, but it is just one of the many cases that happen on a daily basis.

Various images went viral this year adhering to the most important question, who can see what and here are few of the optical illusions that will definitely have the same effect on you.

1. It is a frog or some models

3d Frog
Courtesy: Johannes Stoetter

This another one of the great optical illusions and this one was created by Johannes Stotter. At first, it appears to be a hyperrealistic depiction of a frog, however, look closely and you’ll see that it is actually a 3d model created by making 5 models come together while being coloured in body paint. Some creative work it is, to be honest.

2. A cat or a crow?

Cat or crow
Courtesy: twitter/RobertMaguire_/

What is the first thing that you thought of while looking at this image? Was it a crow or a cat? It is actually a cat who is tilting his head to appear like a bird-like creature with her ears looking like a beak.

3. Kokichi Sugihara (an artist from Japan) artwork won him the Best Optical Illusion of the year.

Triply Ambiguous Object
Courtesy: Youtube/The Illusion contest

The artwork is called “Triply Ambiguous Object” and it looks completely different from three different viewpoints. Many have debated on this picture, as in which is right and correct side and which two are the mirrored images but we guess no one, except for the artist, knows the reality.

4. This coloured and greyscaled aisle

greyscaled aisle
Courtesy: Youtube/The Scottish Sisters

One look at this image and you’ll think that the picture of the girl has been edited and the background, in fact, has been turned colourless with photoshop. But in reality, there is nothing like that. Sandwiched between colorful aisles of clothes and accessories was a display of greyscale children’s clothes so uniform that it looked like a black and white filter had been applied in reality. It was taken by Holly McKee in a supermarket in Dundee Milton, Scotland.

5. Optical Illusion with Makeup

optical illusions with makeup
Courtesy: Instagram/cakefacerj/

Gone are the days when only people painting and drawing on paper were called artists, today we have artists that create art on some of the most personal canvases ever – themselves. Romaine-Jade Tulloch is just one of them, she is just 19-year-old and creates some of the most brilliant makeup tutorials and posts them on Instagram. Her work has been identified as truly spooky and even illusion-ing in every which way.

6. Is that a dog within a dog?

dog looks like it has two faces.
Courtesy: twitter/interest_mild

Some time back, a photo of a dog was posted on Reddit which went viral within hours. It was posted by Reddit user Embeast who shared a photo of her dog in which the fold in the dog’s ear looks like his eye. The dog, at the time of this picture taken, was three years old and he is a Great Dane named Floyd.

7. A neck or a girl?

Courtesy: twitter/LilMaarty/

Look at this picture. Now look again and tell us what do you see? It a neck with hair on top of it or is it a woman’s back? The more you look into it the more you realise that the latter is true, even though you went ahead with the neck guess first. The tweet was put out by Marty Mula and garnered 70,000 likes and 30,000 retweets.

8. Two different shapes, one single colour.

Two different shapes, one single colour
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Dodek/

This is another freaky optical illusion in which the shade of the colour seems to appear lighter and darker on the far ends of the shapes. However, it is not. In fact, there is no different in the colour or even in the shade of it. Both the shapes are painted in the same colour, and after being studied by Psychology Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka from Japan, he has explained this phenomenon as an example of a simultaneous contrast illusion. The squares are not changing colour but rather the luminosity appears to be different against different backgrounds.

After checking out these 8 optical illusions and how freaky they all appear to be aren’t you baffled by the idea that mere pictures can baffle and disrupt our brain’s functioning in terms of how we perceive an image. INCREDIBLE, isn’t it?

Jyotsna Amla

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