Tight bathrooms, narrow hallways, and small kitchens are unpopular, but living space is also expensive. To present even the smallest room in a great way, all you need to do is follow a few simple setup tips. Let’s learn how to make small rooms look bigger.

Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

How a room looks depends very much on its color design. A small room appears significantly larger with the light wall color. This effect is reinforced if the furniture is also kept light, preferably in the same color as the wall. Besides, large areas of color appear calmer on the eye. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid striking patterns and choose single-color upholstered furniture and curtains. It is more advantageous if the curtains reach the floor.

Bring Order to the Room With a Bigger Look – How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

The best tip for small rooms is also the most difficult to implement. Keeping the order in the room is an ongoing task but it’s worth it. The smaller room looks messy more quickly than a large room. Whether it is a book, magazine, or remote control, every item lying around irritates the eye and narrows the space. That is why it is very important to create storage space. Cupboards instead of shelves is a basic rule for the space saver.

And if it has to be shelves, it is better to opt for glass shelves. Corridors are a special case if shelves need to be built out of wood. If the rooms are small but mostly very narrow, to counteract the hose-like impression, simply paint the short sides with a darker color than the long walls. This trick can also be used to visually shorten large, elongated rooms.

How to make Small Room Look Bigger

How to Visually Stretch Ceilings

In general, you can create a more comfortable ambiance in large rooms with darker and muted colors. This is especially true for high ceilings in old buildings. A dark ceiling paint makes the room appear a little lower but larger. This effect is intensified even better if the upper strip of the wall is painted in the same color, that is, the ceiling is painted over the corner. In the old building, stucco molding is a good option. Stucco moldings are also available in styrofoam material and can easily be painted over.

Conversely, low ceilings appear higher if you choose the wall color a little darker and extend the lighter ceiling color to the walls by an edge strip. With mirrors and light, you can achieve additional depth. If you install a large wall mirror in a short hallway on the narrow side of the hallway, you visually double the depth of the room. If small rooms are generally generously lit, they also appear much larger than they really are. Ceiling wash lights in particular, both as wall mounting or floor lamps, create more space by illuminating the ceiling. This is the best trick against too small, too large, and incorrectly proportioned rooms.

High Ceiling Effect in Room

Floor Coverings Can Make Rooms Look Longer

Wooden floors can make a room look longer if planks or parquet are laid lengthways. When laid across, the strips emphasize the width. The room looks even longer if the floor is cross-laid. If the covering consists of small elements such as mosaic parquet, the area of the room is optically drawn together making the room look smaller, whereas large-format planks emphasize large areas. The color of the wood also influences the visual impression of a room because light tones make a narrow hallway appear more spacious.

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