Karva Chauth: Make Up Tips

Karva Chauth holds special importance in the lives of married Hindu women in India. On this day women do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to moonrise for the long and happy life of their husband. It is after seeing the moon that the fast is said to be complete.

This festival is directly related to the women’s beauty as women of all age groups grace themselves and make an extra effort to glam up their look. They start preparing for it in advance by buying cosmetics, jewelry and adornments.

Women’s beauty is incomplete without heena, sindoor, bangles and bindi on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Apart from this, what makes a woman stand out in the crowd is her makeup.

You need to give extra attention to small details while doing make up to look ravishing on the special day. It will not only give you immense confidence but also impress your beloved husband.

Here are some make up tips to give you the perfect look for the special day.

1. Foundation

If your skin is clean & clear there is no need to apply foundation and instead apply sunscreen and moisturizer after cleansing your skin.

Karva Chauth
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For oily skin, first use astringent lotion and then apply powder. Do not overdo it and focus on the main oily areas of the skin. Use wet sponge to apply powder on your face and neck; it will keep the beauty intact for hours.

If you really want to use foundation then go for the liquid based product. Do remember to choose the one which is matching with your skin tone and then use the powder. Fir natyral glow on the skin, blend the foundation nicely and glam up your cheeks with the blusher.

2. Eye make up

For getting beautiful eyes use pencil or kajal to glam up your eye lashes. Use brown or silver eye shadow and then apply mascara on the eye lashes, it will soothe down the make-up and give bright look to your eyes. Apply mascara in two soft coats; after the first coat let it dry & brush it and after that go for the second coat.

Karva Chauth

3. Lipstick

Do not use dark shade lipstick. It will look darker under the sparkling lights and will leave negative impact on your natural glow. For intensifying your beauty use light pink , bronze or copper shades of lipstick. Also, orange color or shades of orange are the new trend in lipstocks for a perfect look.

Karva Chauth
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You can also go for light violet and pink color lipsticks as alternative but make sure that the colors are not very shimmery.

4. Bindi

Bindi is considered as an integral part of beauty on the Karva Chauth. Use decorative bindi matching with your dress. Small bindi studded with glittering stones looks beautiful and is quite trending in the market as well.

Karva Chauth
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5. Perfume

And last but not the least; do not forget to apply scented perfume. It will act as a cherry on the cake as it will give fragrance to your your visual beauty. Go with the fragrance that your husband likes it will maximize the attraction between you two.

Karva Chauth
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27 Oct, 2015
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